What Is The Use Of Multiple Spankings?

In the Domestic Discipline lifestyle, when a woman receives a spanking in order to punish her misbehavior, she will normally need to be disciplined only once. If she is spanked to tears and taught her lesson properly, she will experience all the usual benefits of Domestic Discipline – behavior modification, submission, catharsis, forgiveness and loving reconciliation with her HOH when the woman’s punishment is completed.


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Intro: The necessity for multiple spankings

Reasons for more Spankings

7 reasons for multiple Spankings 

How multiple Spankings become necessary



Intro: The necessity for multiple spankings

Occasionally, however, it may be necessary to discipline the woman more than once. She may receive a second spanking after the first one. This second spanking might be administered seconds after the first has been completed, or some minutes later, or even hours later. The end result would be that she receives more than one spanking in a single day. This is known as a Multiple Discipline. While a Multiple Discipline generally refers to two or more disciplines administered in the same day, for some couples, a Multiple Discipline may refer to the woman receiving two spankings in two days, i.e., one spanking per day for two days.

There are a number of different reasons why a woman might receive a second spanking shortly after the first. Some of these reasons have to do with the actual misbehavior of the woman, while others are related to issues of time tabling and scheduling. Regardless of the cause, it is entirely feasible that a woman be spanked twice on the same day or once on each of two successive days.

Naturally, it is already quite painful, humbling and chastening for a woman to receive even a single discipline spanking, whether it is for misbehavior or for maintenance. In Domestic Discipline, it is normally recommended to bring the woman to tears when she is spanked. This involves a minimum amount of scolding, shaming and spanking in order to achieve the desired tearful outcome to the discipline. These tears are necessary so that the woman becomes genuinely repentant for her misbehavior and experiences a sufficiently profound level of submission as a result of her discipline.

Being given a second discipline in a short space of time is especially unpleasant for the woman because her bottom will already be quite sore from her first spanking. It is painful enough to receive even a single spanking, let alone a second one in short succession. Many women are used to going for a week or more between spankings, because they are relatively well-behaved and only receive Maintenance Discipline spankings at weekly or two weekly intervals. This gives their bottom time to recover from the pain and soreness of their spanking. They are accustomed to having this recovery time in between spankings.

When a second, sound spanking is given either on the same day or on the following day after the first spanking, the soreness of the woman’s bottom adds to the unpleasantness of her spanking. Her second spanking is always going to be more painful than the first because of this simple but inescapable fact. Being spanked on a bottom that has just been previously spanked is more painful than being spanked on a virgin bottom.

Reasons for more Spankings

One of the most common reasons why a woman would be spanked on an already sore bottom is because she is careless enough or silly enough to misbehave on a day when she is scheduled for her regular Maintenance Discipline spanking. If she is scheduled for a regular maintenance spanking, then it is imperative that this maintenance go ahead as planned. Regularity is one of the key features of Maintenance Discipline that make it so beneficial for the woman concerned. Since the Maintenance Discipline must always be administered, except in unusual circumstances, the woman must face up to the fact that she is also going to receive a punishment spanking for her misbehavior.

Therefore, she will receive both a regular Maintenance Discipline spanking as well as a punishment spanking. It may be that she has incurred her punishment spanking before her Maintenance Discipline was scheduled. This means that she will probably be punished for her misbehavior before she is disciplined for maintenance. In some rare cases, however, the woman will already have received her maintenance spanking before she misbehaves and earns herself a punishment spanking. This is more rare because one of the benefits of Maintenance Discipline is that it helps to remind the woman of her responsibility to behave well, thereby reducing the risk that she will misbehave and need to be punished as a result. In any case, a Multiple Discipline will have to be administered if there is feminine misbehavior on a day where the woman is scheduled to receive her regular Maintenance Discipline.

Another very common reason for using Multiple Discipline is when the woman has been disobedient during a punishment spanking. If she is guilty of disobedience while her HOH is giving her a punishment spanking, she needs to be taught that disobedience during discipline is completely unacceptable. The standard technique in Domestic Discipline for teaching her this lesson is the Disobedience Discipline. If the woman incurs a Disobedience Discipline, she will usually be the unhappy recipient of a Multiple Discipline. She will have been punished once for her misbehavior, using a punishment spanking, and a second time for her disobedience, in the form of a Disobedience Discipline. There is not a great deal of effective difference between a punishment spanking and a Disobedience Discipline. Both generally involve spanking the woman’s bottom in order to bring her to tears and teach her obedience, respect, submission, honesty and love. So she has only herself to blame if she is foolish enough to earn herself a Multiple Discipline through disobedience.

7 reasons for multiple Spankings

One reason why a Multiple Discipline may become necessary is because the woman is guilty of severe misbehavior. This severe misbehavior may merit a more severe punishment. The simplest way to inflict a more severe punishment is to use a Multiple Discipline to teach the woman her lesson. Rather than using a more severe implement which may carry risks of bruising or breaking the skin, a safer alternative is the Multiple Discipline. It is twice as painful and humbling as a normal punishment spanking, yet it carries no additional safety risks.

A Multiple Discipline will have a profound effect on the misbehaving woman because she is receiving a double punishment. The first spanking is bad enough, because she is scolded, stripped and spanked to tears. Hopefully, her HOH also spanks her while she is crying, giving her an effective Tearful Discipline so that she learns better obedience and submission. Then, at some time in the future to be determined by her HOH, she is put back over his knee again for a second dose of his hand, paddle or strap. This double dose of discipline will teach her definitively that her misbehavior is not acceptable. If she was ever in any doubt after her first spanking, her second punishment should leave her in no doubt that her HOH wants her to improve her behavior and her attitude. He will not tolerate her misbehaving. He will not allow her to be disrespectful, dishonest or disobedient – to him, to herself or to anyone else. That is what the second spanking in the Multiple Discipline is designed to teach her.

Sometimes, a Multiple Discipline will be administered in a seemingly surprise fashion. After the woman has been spanked for her misbehavior, her HOH may inform her that she is going back over the knee for more punishment. This will usually be due to his careful assessment of her response to the first spanking. If he does not detect that she has been sufficiently contrite and repentant after she has been spanked once, he may decide that it is in her own best interests to be spanked a second time. This process often happens organically, without either the HOH or his woman identifying the second spanking as a Multiple Discipline. However, informing her that she is going to be punished a second time for the same offense is an effective way of communicating to her that a greater degree of submission and repentance is required from her. It is a way of telling her that she needs to improve her attitude if she is hoping to escape a further discipline for misbehavior.

An impromptu Multiple Discipline of this nature may also be administered if the woman is honest enough to admit that she was not sufficiently punished by her first spanking. While such honesty and maturity will be almost incomprehensible for some women who have just begun the Domestic Discipline lifestyle, those who have been practicing it for longer will understand that honesty is always the best policy. When a woman is more honest with herself and her HOH, admitting that she really does need to be disciplined more than she has, she benefits more greatly and she grows faster as a person. It is a sign of maturity, honesty and love when a woman can admit to her HOH that she needs to be disciplined a second time for her misbehavior. She knows it is in her own best interests, even if it will be painful and unpleasant. But she is smart enough to realize that it is better she receive a Multiple Discipline than to finish the disciplinary process with residual negative feelings and attitudes.

An HOH will occasionally decide to administer a Multiple Discipline when his woman was not brought to tears by her first discipline. Because he knows how beneficial it is for her to be brought to tears when she is spanked, not to mention how even more beneficial a Tearful Discipline is for her, he will decide to put her back in the punishment position and administer a second spanking. This will, he hopes, be sufficient to bring her to tears and teach her a lesson in a more effective fashion. Provided he administers this second discipline with a clear head and takes all common sense safety issues into consideration, he can spank her a second time and have a better chance of bringing her to tears than he did the first time. If the second spanking does not achieve the desired flow of tears from his woman, it is not advisable for him to keep spanking her for hours. Her lack of tears may be due to some other issue such as insufficient scolding or inadequate shaming. These require no physical effort at all and can be highly effective in reducing the woman to tears in a short space of time.

Sometimes the HOH will need to stop his woman’s spanking because his arm is simply too tired to continue. This is especially true of spankings where he is using his hand, rather than an implement, to spank her. Hand spanking a woman can be physically tiring and can wear out even a strong man’s arm. If he needs to take a break, he may order his woman to the corner, until such time as he feels able to continue disciplining her. In essence, this is really a single discipline which has been split into two sessions, but as far as the woman is concerned, it will often feel like a Multiple Discipline. If the woman has already been brought to tears by the first part of her spanking, she will have the opportunity to spend some time crying in the corner before she is put over her HOH’s lap for the second spanking she is destined to receive. The second part of her discipline will take her even deeper into tears and submission than the first. This more profound discipline will do her a lot of extra good as a woman.


(One solution to the problem of the HOH’s arm or hand getting too tired or sore is to change to a more effective implement. This problem is most commonly seen when the HOH disciplines his woman with his hand only, without the use of an implement. Using an implement will generate significant mechanical advantage and allow the HOH to discipline his woman more firmly with the same or less effort than before. The paddle and the belt are the two most frequently used implements in Domestic Discipline, although some women are also disciplined with the rubber-looped Loopy Johnny for even greater effect. By changing to the use of an implement, the HOH can avoid the need to take a break between spanking sessions due to arm fatigue or soreness. In this way, the need for a Multiple Discipline can potentially be removed.).

Another reason why a Multiple Discipline is sometimes necessary is when a discipline session is interrupted by unforeseen events such as a visitor at the door or an important phone call that must be answered. If there is an unexpected visitor, the HOH may send his woman to the corner. He can then close the bedroom door and attend to the visitor, while his woman awaits the visitor’s eventual departure and the inevitable resumption of her punishment. She knows that she is being punished for her own good and so it is normally unlikely that she will escape the second part of her spanking. If the HOH is unable to get rid of the visitor, he may excuse himself and return to the bedroom, where he will order his woman to put her clothes on, dry her tears and compose herself so that she can meet the visitor. It is not necessary that the visitor know that the woman has just been punished. It is even less necessary that the visitor know that the woman’s punishment is incomplete but will be resumed as soon as the visitor departs. The resumption of the woman’s spanking is exactly what should happen as soon as the visitor leaves, of course. Without delay, she should be ordered back to the room in which she was being punished, told to remove her clothes and be returned to her HOH’s lap, so that he can finish spanking her. The sudden return to the disciplinary process will often have a shaming and humbling effect on the woman, which will contribute to the effectiveness of her punishment, usually by making her cry tears of shame.

Occasionally, a Multiple Discipline will become necessary if a woman has been punished for her misbehavior in the first half of the day. Then, in the latter half of the day, she may be entering a situation in which she commonly misbehaves – a situation which would normally call for a Preemptive Discipline. As you may know, a Preemptive Discipline is given to a woman immediately before a situation in which she has historically misbehaved, in order to strongly discourage her from misbehaving in the same way again. If she has already received a punishment spanking in the morning, there is no reason why she should not be given a Preemptive Discipline in the evening if her HOH has valid concerns about her behavior over the next few hours. This use of a Multiple Discipline will have a strongly chastening effect on the woman, making it highly unlikely that she will misbehave a second time in the same day.

Even more rarely, a Preemptive Discipline may become necessary on a day when the woman has already received a Maintenance Discipline spanking. She may have been given a maintenance spanking in the morning but later requires a Preemptive Discipline so that her behavior remains acceptable in the evening. Or alternatively, she may receive a Preemptive Discipline in the earlier part of the day because of an event in the middle of the day. Her behavior should normally be acceptable during this event or situation. Later on, in the evening, she may be scheduled for a regular Maintenance Discipline spanking. This should be administered as normal, since her Preemptive Discipline was not intended to replace her maintenance spanking.

How multiple Spankings become necessary

The regular nature of Maintenance Discipline spankings is one of the main reasons why Multiple Discipline can become necessary. It is important not to disturb the regularity of a woman’s Maintenance Discipline schedule. Part of the effectiveness of Maintenance Discipline comes from its regularity. If the woman needs to be spanked (for some other reason) on the same day as her Maintenance Discipline, this should not interfere with the administration of her maintenance spanking, which should proceed regardless.

If the woman is exceptionally silly, she may even manage to incur more than two disciplines on the one day. If she needs to be disciplined for misbehavior in the morning, then is disobedient during her punishment spanking, and has a scheduled Maintenance Discipline spanking later that day, she can look forward to receiving three spankings in the same day. This is an exceptional situation, but one which any woman who lives the Domestic Discipline lifestyle should take care to avoid.

When should the second spanking in a Multiple Discipline be administered to the woman? This depends on what the HOH thinks is best for his woman. He may feel that it is better for her to be spanked as soon as possible, so that her misbehavior is dealt with rapidly and effectively. He may also wish to capitalize on the fact that she is already crying after her first discipline. Spanking her right after her first discipline will enable her to be spanked while she is crying (a Tearful Discipline), leading to a better quality outcome for her as a woman. She will learn greater submission, obedience, respect, honesty and love if she receives a Tearful Discipline.

It is also possible for the HOH to decide to administer the woman’s second spanking some minutes or hours later on the same day as the first one. This will give her time to recover from her first punishment before her second spanking is carried out. It will also give her time to reflect on her impending second discipline. Sometimes this delay between the two disciplines helps to make her reflect on the reasons for her punishment and can bring her to the realization that she is being spanked for her own good. It can produce an awareness of her own misbehavior. It can also create an awareness of her own guilt and the need for her to be disciplined so that she can improve her behavior and attitude.

For reasons of physical and emotional recovery, some HOH’s prefer to administer the woman’s second spanking on the next day after the first one. They may feel that a second punishment on the same day is too much for the woman to handle, emotionally or physically. This may be true for some women while for others it will make no difference. It is up to the HOH to determine whether his woman can handle two disciplines in a single day. Generally spanking, it should normally be possible for a woman to be disciplined twice, but under some circumstances, it may be preferable to postpone her second spanking until the next day. The woman’s HOH can decide if she should be punished a second time on the same day.

Some HOH’s try to separate the two spankings in a Multiple Discipline by as long as possible because they feel that it increases the woman’s anticipation of her second punishment. This can give her more time to reflect on her misbehavior as well as giving her more time to consider how painful her second spanking is going to be. For many women, this anticipation is a kind of discipline in itself, because she has a great deal of time to imagine what her next spanking is going to be like.

Sometimes, when a woman has a pause of any length before her second discipline is administered, she will begin crying before her second spanking starts. This is especially true if her HOH scolds her thoroughly between her two disciplines. If she can be brought to tears before her second discipline, it will be very beneficial for her because she can then be spanked while she cries, which is known as a Tearful Discipline. As outlined in the Tearful Discipline article, this deepens the woman’s experience of her submission and also facilitates her crying genuine tears of contrition and repentance. The more that a woman can be spanked while she cries, the better she will learn her lesson and the more she will benefit from being disciplined.

Usually the woman will receive the second of her Multiple Disciplines in the same room as the first. This is for reasons of practicality and privacy. However, it is also possible to vary the location of the second discipline so that it has a different tone from the first. If it is administered in a different room, the woman will be reminded of the fact that she had to be punished twice rather than once. This will help to make clear to her that it is her misbehavior that has landed her in this situation.

It is also possible to use a different implement for the second spanking. The first spanking may have been a simple hand spanking, while the second can be given with the HOH’s paddle or his belt. Or the woman may have been disciplined with a belt for her first spanking and will be punished with the paddle for her second. It is up to her HOH as to whether he varies her discipline or not. He may feel it is necessary to make her second punishment more painful than the first, or he may regard the severity as irrelevant, as long as she does receive her second discipline. Either way, she will end up sobbing and submissive.

Sometimes the woman will receive her second spanking on the backs of her upper thighs instead of on her bottom. This may be because her HOH doesn’t want to hurt her bottom any more, feeling that she may bruise if given more swats in the same place. Or it may be for the opposite reason – because he feels that her bottom will have become immune to the pain, but her thighs will still be sensitive to the pain of her spanking. For the same reason, an HOH will sometimes ensure that the woman’s second spanking is applied to her bottom so that she is being spanked on an already sore backside. This would normally increase the pain and discomfort of the second discipline, ensuring that the punishment is highly effective and beneficial for the woman. As always, it is up to the HOH to determine how his woman should be disciplined because he knows her best and he has her best interests at heart. Since he is spanking her for her own good, he will do whatever it takes to ensure she gains the maximum benefit from her second discipline.


A Multiple Discipline is a fact of life for many couples who live the Domestic Discipline lifestyle. There are many reasons for having to administer two disciplines in a row, most of which depend on the woman’s behavior and attitude. The woman must remember that she is always in complete control of whether she receives a Multiple Discipline or not. If she misbehaves in a situation where she is already scheduled to receive a spanking, she should not be surprised to receive a second punishment for her misbehavior. Receiving a Multiple Discipline is at least twice as unpleasant as receiving a normal single discipline. This fact alone should persuade the woman to moderate her behavior and attitude so that she can avoid being spanked twice in the same day, or twice on two days (if she is lucky).

Multiple Discipline will be necessary when the woman’s misbehavior makes it necessary. It will also be necessary when other circumstances such as interruptions oblige the HOH to postpone the rest of his woman’s discipline. The wise and loving HOH will use Multiple Discipline when appropriate to ensure that his woman benefits from the transformational effects of a good, firm Domestic Discipline spanking.


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