How To Discipline A Woman Without Spanking With These 10 Methods

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10 Methods to discipline a woman without Spanking







Non-Spanking Discipline is an important aspect of Loving Domestic Discipline. It involves the use of disciplinary techniques that do not involve actual corporal punishment, in order to discipline a woman for her misbehavior or bad attitude. Non-Spanking Disciplines are ways to punish a woman without actually spanking her. Although corporal punishment is the primary technique and lies at the heart of Loving Domestic Discipline, Non-Spanking Disciplines are also very useful and very significant techniques. Physical discipline may be the single best way to deal with a woman’s misbehavior and help her to become more submissive, but Non-Spanking Discipline has an important role to play in the general Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. Non-Spanking Disciplines are not a poor relation to conventional corporal punishment, nor are they a replacement for a conventional good hard spanking of the disobedient, dishonest or disrespectful woman. Rather, they are an integral part of the range of techniques available to the conscientious HOH who wants to ensure that his woman’s behavior and attitude are always the most loving and harmonious that they can be. Non-Spanking Disciplines should form a part of the techniques used by every couple who practices Loving Domestic Discipline.


There are many different techniques that qualify as Non-Spanking Discipline in the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. This article will examine the most commonly used forms of Non-Spanking Discipline, but it is important to remember that it will not necessarily be an exhaustive list of every single Non-Spanking Discipline in existence. However, by explaining and evaluating different Non-Spanking Discipline techniques, the article will give you the information necessary to help you understand the functioning of and accurately assess other Non-Spanking Discipline techniques which are not covered here. Safety and simplicity are the most important aspects of any Non-Spanking Discipline.

10 Methods to discipline a woman without Spanking


The best known and most commonly used of all Non-Spanking Disciplines is Corner Time. Corner Time is the classic technique where the disobedient woman is ordered by her HOH to stand in the corner of the room, either before her punishment, or during the spanking process, or after it is completed. Its primary purpose is to encourage her reflection on and submission to her discipline. Corner Time is covered in substantial detail in the article entitled, “Corner Time.” You are strongly advised to read that article if you have not yet read it, because Corner Time is an extremely effective and beneficial technique that many Loving Domestic Discipline couples practice.


Although it is possible to spank a woman during her Corner Time and indeed many HOH’s do take the opportunity to deliver several swats to their woman’s bottom while she is standing in the corner, it is inherently a Non-Spanking Discipline because it does not normally involve corporal punishment. Rather, it is a humbling process that helps the woman to come to terms with the reason for her discipline and which also helps her to achieve a more complete level of submission to her discipline and to her HOH.

Corner Time is usually used in association with a conventional spanking, but there is no reason why a woman cannot be given Corner Time even though she is not going to be spanked. It can function as a completely independent, Non-Spanking Discipline in its own right. Sometimes just sending a woman to the corner for ten or fifteen minutes is enough to convince her to change her attitude or behavior, avoiding the need to punish her with a bare-bottomed spanking.


Grounding is another classic and effective punishment that many people experience as children or teenagers, when their parents restrict their activities as a form of discipline for misbehavior. The grounded child is not permitted to do certain fun things outside the family home for a period of time – for example, a week or a month. It is effective because it functions as a temporary and compulsory denial of the freedoms and pleasures of normal life. It does not involve any real physical pain or deprivation, but its effect can be highly salutory. Grounding is not only effective for children and teenagers – it also works wonderfully for adult women too. Grounding is a simple, effective and practical form of Non-Spanking Discipline that works very well as a part of a Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle.

Not all Loving Domestic Discipline couples use grounding as a Non-Spanking Discipline technique. Some HOH’s may regard it as too humiliating to be used as a way to discipline an adult woman. Others who have used it will enthusiastically attest to its effectiveness in modifying negative feminine behavior. While the primary effectiveness of spanking as a form of Loving Domestic Discipline lies in its painfulness, the main reason that grounding is useful is because it temporarily denies a woman the right to enjoy certain pleasures and freedoms that she normally takes for granted – the freedom to go shopping, to see her friends, etc.

An HOH may ground his woman for a few days, or a few weeks, or even a few months, in the case of very severe examples of female disobedience and misbehavior. She may be grounded from going out at all, or she may be grounded only from certain recreational activities, such as shopping or social activities. If a woman has female friends who consistently lead her astray into negative behavior, she can be temporarily grounded from associating with them until she is strong enough in her own personality and sense of self to say “no” to these friends when they next try to lead her into temptation. You can see that grounding is not a flat refusal to allow her to see such people. Rather, it is a way of teaching her to be stronger in herself and more independent, so that she is not led astray by these friends when she does associate with them.

If a woman’s friends ask her to go out and she is unable to do so because she has been grounded by her HOH, it is usually not appropriate for her to tell her friends that she has been grounded, unless they are already familiar with the details of her Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle and are completely accepting of it. Some people may be unable to accept the fact that this woman can be grounded by her HOH and may cause trouble for them. It is better for the woman to simply say that she cannot go out because she is busy around the home, rather than to blurt out that she is being disciplined by her HOH for misbehavior.


Writing lines is another useful and effective form of Non-Spanking Discipline. This is another type of punishment that people may be familiar with from their experiences at school as children. It is an extremely effective Non-Spanking Discipline for a grown woman because it forces her to reflect on her misbehavior. Lines involve her writing out a specific phrase or sentence many times, for example 100 times or 500 times. This phrase will typically relate to the misbehavior for which she is being disciplined and may be either a positive or negative statement. Some examples of positive statements might be, “I will always speak to my husband John in a loving and respectful way,” or “I choose to drive my automobile in a responsible way.” Examples of negative statements might be, “I will never swear at my husband John again,” or, “I will not drive drunk and endanger my own life and the life of others by my selfishness and carelessness.” It is perfectly fine to assign a negative statement to a woman who has to write lines as a Non-Spanking Discipline. Just because it is negative does not mean it will not be both useful and effective in teaching her a lesson about her own behavior.

Although lines are a Non-Spanking Discipline, they can be combined with corporal punishment to achieve a better result than physical discipline on its own. The disobedient woman can be made to write lines before receiving a normal spanking. These lines can be negative statements that bring her own negative behavior directly into her own awareness. Then, when she is put over the knee and soundly spanked for her misbehavior, she will be very clear in her own mind about what she is being punished for. After her punishment spanking, she is given more lines to write, but this time they are positive statements that provide her with a clear way forward for more positive behavior from her in the future. So the basic procedure is that she has to write lines of a negative nature before her spanking and lines of a positive kind after she has been punished. This line writing will reinforce and enhance the beneficial effects of her discipline spanking, rendering it far more effective than it would be on its own.

Some misbehaving women are required by their HOH to copy entire articles from the Loving Domestic Discipline site by hand, so that the woman can learn the lesson contained in the article. This is a common form of Non-Spanking Discipline that helps to reinforce a woman’s submission to her HOH and her commitment to the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle that she shares with her husband. Some of the articles on this site are VERY long, so this can be a substantial discipline.


An effective modern form of Non-Spanking Discipline for a woman is to restrict her access to the computer. This might be because her misbehavior relates directly to the computer (eg writing bitchy and nasty emails to someone or spending too much money on eBay) or because the computer is involved in her misbehavior in a more indirect manner (eg spending too long on the PC instead of looking after the home). Her computer access time might be restricted by her HOH simply because she enjoys using it and because restricting her access is a form of grounding in which she is temporarily denied one of the pleasures to which she has become accustomed.


Being sent to bed early is a classic Non-Spanking Discipline that some couples who practice Loving Domestic Discipline use. It is similar in effect to Corner Time or Grounding because the disciplined woman is obliged to go somewhere that she would normally rather not be, and because she is prevented from doing what she would normally do if she had not been sent to bed early. It certainly has a profoundly humbling effect on most women and can also be an ideal Non-Spanking Discipline to deal with feminine misbehavior where the woman will simply refuse to go to bed at a reasonable hour. She may have all sorts of reasons why she believes that she can’t go to bed earlier, but if she receives some form of Loving Domestic Discipline for her misbehavior, she will usually miraculously find that she is able to go to bed at a more reasonable time. Sending her to bed early is an effective way to discipline her for going to bed too late. Going to bed late damages her own health and happiness, as well as interfering with her love relationship with her HOH and also potentially adversely affecting his own sleep habits.


Some HOH’s will require the disobedient woman to write an essay as part of her punishment. This essay is usually about one of two things. Either it is an essay about the kind of disobedience that got the woman into trouble in the first place, or it is an essay about some aspect of Loving Domestic Discipline. Some women have to write an essay based on their understanding of and response to an article on the Loving Domestic Discipline site, which will obviously improve their understanding of why and how they are being disciplined. Some HOH’s will tell their woman to write an essay on a simple but important concept such as respect, or love, or obedience. This kind of essay induces the woman to seriously reflect on the assigned topic and will help her to critically examine her own behavior in the light of this reflection. The self awareness that results from this process can be highly beneficial for the woman and can often prevent a recurrence of her misbehavior.


Giving the disobedient woman extra chores is a very effective and very productive form of Non-Spanking Discipline, because not only does it chastize her for her misbehavior but it also helps to improve the cleanliness and the appearance of the home, which will always serve to improve domestic harmony in general. It is hard to be happy and relaxed in a dirty or disorganized home. So extra chores might include things like cleaning floors or tiled surfaces, throwing out trash and unwanted objects and just general daily cleaning like the bathroom or kitchen. Sometimes these chores may have been neglected by the woman and so her discipline is related to the non-performance of these duties. At other times, these extra chores may be imposed on her as a totally separate and unconnected discipline that has no direct connection with her misbehavior.


Another simple but highly effective form of Non-Spanking Discipline is nudity. The disciplined woman is required to remain in a state of total or partial nudity for a specific amount of time. She is temporarily denied the privacy and warmth that clothes afford her. Naturally, this should remain within safe limits. Nudity is not a good discipline if the home is not adequately heated and the woman runs the risk of becoming seriously chilled as a result. However, a common sense amount of enforced nudity can be very effective in disciplining a woman for misbehavior. You should read the two articles on nudity for more information: “Nudity” and “Nudity 2” cover the subject in some detail. Nudity has a beneficial humbling effect on a woman. This humbling effect can greatly contribute to her submission to her discipline and to her HOH.

The main drawback of nudity in a non-spanking situation is that it can sometimes sexualize a non-sexual situation. There is nothing wrong with that, normally speaking, but it can detract from the seriousness and the positive effects of a punishment designed to correct a woman’s behavior. If the couple is aware of this risk and does not mind it, then nudity can be combined with other Non-Spanking Disciplines such as Corner Time, extra chores or writing lines. In this way, it helps to increase the disciplinary effect of these other forms of Non-Spanking Discipline.


Some couples with a strong religious focus to their lives like to use obligatory Bible study as a Non-Spanking Discipline. In such a case, the disciplined woman is made to copy out verses from the Bible or even to write her own personal commentary and response to certain passages. Some HOH’s require their woman to search for and copy out Bible verses pertaining to specific types of misbehavior such as dishonesty or deceitfulness. These are all effective Non-Spanking Disciplines for women with a strong faith. And they can help to shore up any weakened faith of the wavering woman.


One of the best types of Non-Spanking Discipline is restitution. It is also one of the most difficult for many women. Restitution simply means making amends. So if a woman stole an item from a friend, she might be required to return it to that friend and admit to her friend that she took it without asking. She might also be required to make amends by giving the victim of her offense some kind of compensation – in this case, a gift. If a woman has been badmouthing someone that she knows, her HOH might require her to approach that person and admit that she has been verbally stabbing that person in the back, before apologizing for her misbehavior.

When a woman is required to make amends, she should normally not be allowed to explain her actions away as having been dictated by her cruel and overbearing HOH who inflicts some terrible misogynistic practice known as Loving Domestic Discipline on her. She must be told that she has to take responsibility not only for her misbehavior but also for her restitution. Taking responsibility in this way for positive behavior will help her greatly in her own self development as a human being. She should not be permitted to attribute her change of heart to her HOH, even if he is the one who ordered her to make restitution in the first place.

Sometimes a woman will balk at having to make restitution because it may seem that the outcome can be worse than a normal spanking discipline. The wise HOH needs to weigh up the consequences of restitution in relation to the original gravity of the feminine misbehavior. Ordering his wife to publicly return a dress that she stole from a store might result in her being arrested for stealing and ending up in jail. But ordering her to return it anonymously (perhaps via the mail) with a letter of apology and some kind of gift or a small amount of cash in the same package can be a very salutory experience for the woman, who learns that she will not be permitted to steal, but also that her HOH will protect her from her own stupidity.

Having to go and apologize to a female friend whom the woman has been backstabbing may be very embarrassing and may even cost her the friendship, but it will teach the woman a useful lesson about how she should speak about others, especially those about whom she supposedly cares. It is often easier to speak well of people she doesn’t know than people she knows and cares about. Teaching a woman to curb her tongue can save her from having to make painful amends in this way.

Sometimes a woman will have purchased expensive items against explicit instructions or against a previous agreement with her HOH. In such cases it is normal for him to order her to return these items for a refund. It would not be reasonable for her to expect to keep the items bought in direct disobedience of her HOH. Here, she is making restitution to the family finances, not to the store.


There are many other types of so-called “discipline” that do not really form a part of Loving Domestic Discipline as we know it. This is not to say that they are wrong or bad, but rather to say that they don’t fall within the Loving Domestic Discipline definition of Non-Spanking Discipline. These include activities like enemas, figging (inserting a peeled piece of ginger root into a woman’s bottom and leaving it there for some time), making her pee in front of her HOH, etc. These fall into a more BDSM approach to discipline rather than a Loving Domestic Discipline approach.

Other types of discipline that are outside the standard Loving Domestic Discipline Non-Spanking Disciplines are other specifically sexual disciplines such as orgasm control (disallowing the woman from orgasming during lovemaking) and being obliged to perform oral sex on her HOH. Again, these are not necessarily bad practices, because they do have a disciplinary effect and they can help the woman with her submission, but they are not standard Loving Domestic Discipline techniques. If you do end up using some of these practices, that is OK, but it is easier for many couples to avoid them, especially if they are beginners, because they can be unnecessarily confusing.

Another Non-Spanking Discipline that does not qualify as a Loving Domestic Discipline technique is bondage, where the woman is tied up in some way. Obviously bondage is the first letter of the acronym BDSM, so that puts it automatically outside the standard Loving Domestic Discipline practice. Tying a woman up is a more complex and risky practice than a mere spanking or simply grounding her. The main criteria for a Loving Domestic Discipline Non-Spanking Discipline are that it should be simple and safe, both physically and emotionally. Things like bondage or enemas or sexual disciplines can introduce issues of complexity and physical and emotional safety that take them outside the simplicity and safety requirements of the standard Loving Domestic Discipline techniques for disciplining a woman. Remember – if it’s not simple or it’s not safe, it’s probably not going to be Loving Domestic Discipline.


Non-Spanking Disciplines are useful for a number of different reasons. Firstly, they are less severe forms of discipline than a spanking. Sometimes, as an alternative to a short or a light spanking, an HOH will prefer to give his woman a Non-Spanking Discipline because it will achieve the same results as a light spanking. This is not such a common reason, although it is a perfectly valid one. Normally spanking is to be preferred because it is simple, fast and effective in transforming a woman’s behavior and attitude from the negative to the positive.

The second reason to use a Non-Spanking Discipline is that corporal punishment is not possible for some reason. This is usually a physical reason such as the woman being pregnant or ill or having her period (although many HOH’s still discipline their women when they are having their periods). Pregnancy or illness are the two main reasons for using a Non-Spanking Discipline because there is almost zero physical risk involved. Sometimes it can be because the HOH is temporarily unable to punish his woman for his own physical reason – he may be sick himself, or he may have injured his arm or his back or his knee, preventing him from disciplining her via the usual punishment spanking. Many HOH’s will ignore their own pain and spank their wives normally, but this is not smart if they risk further physical damage to themselves.

The third reason why Non-Spanking Disciplines can be useful is because a woman may need further discipline for her misbehavior. Her HOH may have decided that he has spanked her up to and beyond her limits, but that her bottom can take no more. Instead of ending her discipline then and there, he can continue the beneficial effects of Loving Domestic Discipline by giving her one or more Non-Spanking Disciplines which will enhance and extend her learning experience.

The fourth reason to use a Non-Spanking Discipline is because of a lack of privacy or time. Sometimes the noise of a spanking, even using a quiet implement like a Loopy Johnny, can be too much. Often the problem is not so much the noise of the implement striking her bottom, especially in the case of a Loopy Johnny, but her loud cries and sobs as she is being punished. Giving her a Non-Spanking Discipline can overcome the noise or privacy problem that prevents a normal spanking from taking place.

The fifth reason to use a Non-Spanking Discipline is to provide a longer term form of discipline for the woman. A spanking can be relatively brief for some couples and the woman can forget its effect after a short space of time. A Non-Spanking Discipline will help to extend the duration of the disciplinary process, even after the spanking is over. However, a properly applied spanking will tend to leave a lasting reminder of itself because the woman’s bottom should be relatively sore and tender for hours or even days afterwards. If her spanking starts out slowly and lasts a long time, it will be more likely to leave her with a nice sore bottom the next day. Most women who live the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle do not mind the painful reminder of their misbehavior that a sore bottom provides, because it is also a reminder of how much her HOH loves her and will hold her responsible for her behavior. A sore bottom makes most women feel loved and secure, so the HOH should take care to punish his woman properly when he is spanking her. A woman will always feel better if she has a thoroughly spanked bottom, because it is a constant physical reminder of how much her HOH loves and protects her.


Non-Spanking Disciplines work in a number of different ways. Essentially, they work because they are humbling to the woman. They oblige her to obey her HOH and thus they teach her submission. A Non-Spanking Discipline teaches a woman to submit to her discipline and to submit to her HOH. The humbling effect of a Non-Spanking Discipline teaches a woman submission and obedience, just like corporal punishment does.

In addition to the general beneficial effects of Non-Spanking Discipline in relation to submission and obedience, each different Non-Spanking Discipline has specific benefits. For example, Corner Time makes a woman reflect on the reasons for her punishment while Nudity has both a humbling effect and also the ability to teach a woman to love and accept her own body.

When a woman receives a Non-Spanking Discipline such as writing lines, essay writing or Bible study, her HOH should be careful not to overdo it by ordering her to write more than her wrist can comfortably handle. He doesn’t want her to end up with CTS (Carpal Tunnel Syndrome) from having injured her wrist by excessive writing. This is still a relatively rare condition but one that any loving man would wish to spare his wife. The female wrist is much more fragile than the female bottom, which is why a good old-fashioned spanking is such a safe way to discipline a woman for misbehavior.

Any Non-Spanking Discipline should always be monitored by the HOH to ensure that the woman complies with her discipline. It is quite easy to check whether she has written a hundred lines or written a 2000 word essay, because it is quite obvious. But if she is grounded, has her computer access limited or is sent to bed early, care must be taken by her HOH that she obeys him on the matter of this discipline. If she secretly sneaks out despite being grounded, or if she secretly uses the computer when no one else is around, or if she turns on the light and reads in bed, then she is not obeying her HOH in the matter of her Non-Spanking Discipline. When a woman does not obey her HOH during a discipline, this is a special form of disobedience which should normally be treated by a special punishment known as a Disobedience Discipline. Please read the “Disobedience Discipline” article for more information on this topic. So it is important that her HOH monitors her behavior during a Non-Spanking Discipline to ensure total compliance with the spirit of the discipline.


Non-Spanking Disciplines are excellent additions to the standard list of spanking punishments in Loving Domestic Discipline. Non-Spanking Disciplines can be used either on their own to discipline a woman, or in combination with a conventional spanking to enhance its disciplinary effect. It is important to remember that a normal, sound spanking is the most basic and most effective technique available in the Loving Domestic Discipline lifestyle. A good spanking is the simplest, safest and fastest way to improve a woman’s behavior and attitude. However, when a spanking is not appropriate or possible, or when it needs further augmentation and extension, a Non-Spanking Discipline is the perfect answer to dealing with feminine misbehavior and returning harmony, respect and love to the home.


9 thoughts on “How To Discipline A Woman Without Spanking With These 10 Methods

  1. Cornertime and lines are great methods to use before giving a spanking. You can also use them together if you like. We also use mouth soapings for attitude and cussing. Grounding is hard to administer with an adult, but you can impose grounding until lines are written out. I agree that sometimes a spanking should be saved for the serious stuff. But for a slightly bad attitude, standing in the corner for 15 minutes can do wonders! Trust me, you would be surprised


  2. Excellent article. Here is a question for you. Do you ever feel that a nonspanking punishment can be as powerful as a spanking? Some of the non spanking punishments can evoke tears and shame easier than a spanking as there is usually more time to ponder and reflect one’s wrongdoings? During a spanking, the focus is on when is it going to end and how much it hurts. Yes afterwards, it’s not only on the soreness, but also on the guilt, shame and as much as I hate to say it, the humiliation of being punished like a child. But heck, if the shoe fits wear it.

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  3. If I am punished by being sent to the corner alone, for a minor infraction, and I am not getting a spanking, should my bottom be bared? I have read elsewhere that a woman’s bottom should be on show in the corner even if she is not to be spanked. Do you agree and, if so, why?

    Liked by 1 person

    • I believe the bottom should always be on display in the corner, that way if she behaves inappropriately, then a spanking can be given immediately. Also by being bare, along with the shame and embarrassment, it reminds her she is a small step away from a spanking!

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