When Men Were Men.. And How Modern Men Could Become Better

Growing up in the 50’s my hero’s were men like Roy Rogers, Gene Autry, John Wayne and Jimmie Stewart. In other words men we had no doubt were real men. Men who knew who they really were, and who liked who they were. Men who did things like boxing, wrestling and who bragged about how much they could bench press.


My Dad, much like that, a hard working farmer who could tame stubborn mules, who could shovel more wheat, and could do more physical work in a day than anyone I have ever known since. There never was a doubt in our family who the boss was. He loved the Lord and the Bible was his absolute rule of faith and practice. He was and still is my number one hero in this world. Where have such men gone?

In those days it was the women who wore the makeup, the earrings, the bikinis, and the men treated them like Ladies, albeit sometimes in need of a good spanking.

It was the men who initiated the contact, took the lead in a relationship, who were models of masculinity grounded in stability and security. Men who were decisive, discerning, and were confident enough in themselves (and their God) to get them there. They were not afraid to take the lead, and to stand firm in their principles, even when the going got tough. Where have such men gone?

These qualities inspire the respect of women, and the admiration of younger men who are in need of some Godly heroes today.

Over the last thirty years we have seen a major assault on masculinity. We can see the results in the arts, the media, the world of fashion, and the heroes of our young people.

As Christian men and head or our households we need to return to Godly principals and to say with Joshua “but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” Josh. 24:15.


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