How To Keep A Punishment Book

Many couples who start the Domestic Discipline lifestyle are unsure how to get started. They may have performed an Introductory Discipline to break the ice, so to speak, but are not sure how to continue. In particular, they are not sure what kinds of feminine misbehavior should be punished, or could be punished. They are also uncertain of how severe or how mild the punishment should be for a particular offense.



Punishment Book Basics

This post is going to form the basis of a punishment book or punishment log. The purpose of this punishment book is for people (either women or their HOH’s) to post a description of the woman’s actual misbehavior and the general details of the spanking that was administered to punish the woman for her misbehavior. This will enable others to get a rough idea of what misbehavior is punishable and what form that punishment usually takes. For people who are new to the Domestic Discipline lifestyle, the Domestic Discipline Punishment Book will provide a ready reference to learn about and compare various forms of feminine misbehavior and discipline.

Some HOH’s may also wish to incorporate the LDD Punishment Book into their disciplinary process. The misbehaving woman can be required to post an account of her punishment to the Punishment Book, so that a permanent and public record of her misbehavior and punishment exists. No real names need be used, of course, but the sheer humiliation of having to post the details of her punishment to the Book will function as an additional Non-Spanking Discipline in itself.

All comments will pass through the moderation system now in place. That means that every comment will not appear on the blog until I have first approved it. When I reject a comment, it will simply not appear. The moderation mechanism does not give me a way to contact the poster to explain why the comment was not approved and how they could reword it so that it will be approved next time. If you post a comment and it does not appear within a few days (or several days at the worst), you should read (or re-read) the posting guidelines below, before resubmitting your comment.

If you post an anonymous comment, your anonymity will be preserved. The comment moderation system does not reveal (and cannot reveal) the identity of anyone posting an anonymous comment. So you do not need to worry about having your privacy compromised. All anonymous comments will remain totally anonymous.

If you wish to reveal more about yourself or your identity, please do so carefully. Do not use an email address that reveals your full name, for example. It is not in your own interests nor in the interests of the wider Domestic Discipline community for your privacy to be unintentionally compromised.


No descriptions of non-Domestic Discipline practices. This site is called Domestic Discipline. It advocates Domestic Discipline. Some other practices fall outside the definition of Domestic Discipline. Here is a list of practices that are not considered to be standard Domestic Discipline practices. If you describe any of these in your post, it will almost certainly be rejected.

Butt plugs
Mouth soaping
Wife swapping
Women spanking men
Spanking of juveniles (children).
BDSM practices

Please note that these non-LDD practices are not necessarily all being condemned here. It is simply that they do not form a regular part of the standard Domestic Discipline lifestyle as it is defined here. The fact that they are unacceptable for the LDD Punishment Book does not mean they are all unacceptable, period. It simply means they fall outside the standard definition of Domestic Discipline. The Domestic Discipline blog does not promote intolerance of different people, religions or lifestyles.


If you currently do practice something that falls outside the guidelines of Domestic Discipline, you are always welcome to delete, rephrase or rewrite so that your description of the feminine misbehavior and the resulting punishment fall within the guidelines.

What should the punishment book contain?

Swear words are OK only if they are bleeped out. Acceptable examples include *^&%!, f___ and b****. This is so easy to do. Don’t make a mistake and have your comment rejected unnecessarily.

Your post should follow this simple structure:


First describe the misbehavior that caused the problem. If necessary, you can include some history of past behavior and attitude that led up to this misbehavior. If not, you can simply describe the misbehavior itself.

Secondly, describe the punishment that resulted. You can make it as general or as specific as you wish. Some people will prefer to describe each phase of the punishment in some detail (e.g. preparation, spanking, Corner Time, tears, number of swats, implement/s used – if any, any further Non-Spanking Discipline, etc) while others may be content to describe their punishment in the most general terms.

Thirdly, you can describe the aftermath of the punishment – how you felt after being spanked and how you behaved. You may not think this matters, but to women who have never been spanked and to men who have never disciplined their woman, this information can be very helpful. If you were brought to tears before, during or after your punishment, you should mention that. Please note that it is not necessary to have been brought to tears in order to post to the Punishment Book. It is perfectly OK to post the details of your punishment even if you were not brought to tears. Although it is always best if a woman can be spanked to tears when she is punished, it does not disqualify you from posting if you did not cry. Tears are not a prerequisite for posting.

Fourthly, you should describe the benefits of the discipline – how it helped your behavior and improved your attitude; how it helped your relationship; etc.

Naturally, different people will have different experiences. Although I am concerned to weed out non-LDD practices from the Punishment Book, I am not trying to eliminate all variation in experiences, attitudes and behavior. The diversity of your experiences is what makes the Punishment Book so useful and helpful to other people. If you try to make your comment too generic, it will be less helpful than if you make it reflect your own personal truths. Do not try to eliminate all detail from your discipline. That is counterproductive because it does not help others.

Non-Spanking Discipline is OK for the Punishment Book. So too is Preemptive Discipline, Disobedience Discipline and Introductory Discipline. You can even post a description of your Maintenance Discipline spanking if you feel that it helped you to overcome a particular problem or led to some kind of personal breakthrough.

Thank you very much to the anonymous reader who recently suggested the idea for the Punishment Book in a comment posted to the Thank You article.


4 thoughts on “How To Keep A Punishment Book

  1. A punishment book is a great idea to keep track of infractions, especially repeated infractions. Therefore, the proper escalated punishment can be used through referring to previous incidents in the punishment book. If you give lines for punishment, the book is a great place to keep them and can be stored there as a reminder for how unpleasant and time consuming lines are. In order for the punishment book to be effective, it should be regularly updated and organized. Great blog.

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