What To Do If Your Husband Is Not Interested In Domestic Discipline?

This is another comment we received via Email. The sender was ok with publishing the answer.

My husband and I just celebrated our 30th anniversary. We are, however, very new to the DD lifestyle.  He realizes my need to submit to him as the head of our household, and he also admits that he finds spanking me very erotic. My husband doesn’t feel that I ever do anything that really deserves a spanking.  He has suggested that we spank just for erotic reasons and skip the DD part altogether.  I am confused about how I feel about this.  I  don’t think that is what I want but  am at a loss as to how to convey my feelings to him.  I feel like he is just not “getting it.”  I do not want to discourage him, he is really trying to explore this new aspect of our lives.

He works in another state most weeks, Monday through Friday and we still have one adult child currently living with us temporarily which makes things more difficult.  This situation will change in a couple of months with either me moving to be with him or him coming home to work permanently.

Should I let him lead in this and see where it goes or speak up now?



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