Why there always has to be a warm up before a spanking

When disciplining a woman, whether it is for misbehavior or for maintenance, it is always important to ensure that she is disciplined properly, thoroughly and well. In the Domestic Discipline lifestyle, this usually means bringing her to tears. Her tears are an indication of her submission and, if necessary, her repentance for her misbehavior. By spanking a woman to tears, her HOH (Head of Household) can make sure that she has been properly and adequately disciplined.


When a woman is spanked for either misbehavior or maintenance, she should always be given a warm up. A warm up means that her bottom is not spanked at full force right from the beginning of her discipline. It means that her bottom is warmed up gradually. Her HOH starts the spanking at a lower level of intensity than its ultimate target intensity. After the woman’s bottom has been appropriately warmed up, her HOH will be able to discipline her with greater severity and greater effectiveness.

A woman’s bottom should be warmed up for a number of different reasons. The first of these reasons is that a warm up will enable the woman to be spanked for longer. By warming up her bottom, the woman’s HOH will be able to spank her for a longer period of time. This will increase the woman’s chances of being brought to tears during her discipline. When a discipline is too brief, the woman will often not be brought to tears. The result of a too-brief discipline in which the woman does not end up crying is usually an insufficient discipline. Insufficient discipline breeds further feminine dissatisfaction, lack of submission and eventually, further misbehavior. It is vital to avoid insufficiently disciplining a woman when she is spanked, because it is completely counter productive. A beneficial, thorough spanking will result in the woman being brought to tears and feeling properly disciplined by her HOH.

Spanking the woman for a longer period of time will result in a better quality discipline.

When a woman is disciplined, she should always be disciplined in a thorough and effective way. The duration of her spanking plays a large part in the effectiveness of her discipline. Disciplining a woman for longer will create a better and more effective learning process for her as a woman. Whether she is being spanked for maintenance or for punishment purposes, it is important to ensure that she is spanked for a sufficiently long enough time to teach her the lesson she needs to learn.

A longer spanking will take the woman into a much deeper state of submission than a shorter one. Whenever she is spanked, the quality of her spanking will determine the degree of submission that she experiences. The more deeply she can be taken into submission, the more beneficial her spanking will be. Both maintenance and punishment spankings depend on the woman being taught an appropriate level of submission via her disciplinary experience. The painful and humbling effect of being spanked for a long time will give the woman the deep experience of submission that she needs to learn and grow. Spanking her for a long time while she is crying will improve the quality of the Tearful Discipline that she is receiving. Tearful Discipline is essential for a woman because it brings her to a deeper and more beneficial state of submission.

When a woman is spanked for longer, she learns her lesson better. She is always spanked for a reason, even if she is only receiving a maintenance spanking. A Maintenance Discipline spanking, ostensibly delivered for no particular reason, is always given to remind the woman of her submission and of her HOH’s authority over her. Without regular maintenance, a woman can forget her feminine responsibilities and her need to be submissive to her HOH. A longer Maintenance Discipline spanking will help her to remember to be obedient, respectful, honest, submissive and feminine at all times.


When she is being spanked for punishment purposes, she is being spanked to teach her a specific lesson about her behavior or her attitude. Her HOH spanks her to teach her a lesson for her own good. She needs to learn her lesson by being spanked to tears, because she was not able to learn the lesson herself. She needs her HOH to teach her this lesson and she needs to be taught it in no uncertain terms – by being stripped, scolded and spanked to tears. When she receives a longer spanking, she will always learn this lesson better. No matter what lesson it is that her HOH is trying to teach her, she will always learn it better if her spanking lasts longer. She will spend more time in a state of pain, shame, humility and submission if she is spanked for longer. This experience will always be more beneficial for her than a spanking of shorter duration.

Avoiding or reducing bruising is an important part of correct technique when disciplining a woman for either maintenance or punishment. The HOH can learn to minimize bruising when spanking his woman because correct technique will often make it unnecessary, even when administering a very long punishment spanking. Some women bruise more easily than others, of course. Nutritional status such as iron levels and Vitamin C levels will often play a part in the amount of bruising experienced by a woman when she is spanked (seek appropriate medical advice before beginning iron supplementation, because overdosing can be dangerous). But bruising can still occur even if a woman does not have any vitamin or mineral deficiencies, when she is spanked in the wrong manner.

Spanking a woman the right way means warming up her bottom when the spanking begins.

The longer her warm up, the less likely she is to bruise, even when harder swats are administered later in her discipline or punishment. While some limited bruising is not the end of the world (some women are even proud of their bruises), widespread bruising is unnecessary and quite avoidable, given the correct technique. And the most important technique for avoiding bruising is ensuring a good warm up at the start of the woman’s spanking.

A warm up will also help to reduce shock in the spanked woman. While shock might seem like a normal part of receiving a spanking (and even a beneficial part, in some ways), it is not really the most effective way to discipline a woman. Putting her into a state of shock by administering a hard, fast spanking from the very beginning is not the best way to discipline her.

Inducing shock by spanking hard and fast right from the start will only create emotional numbness in the spanked woman. Emotional numbness is not good, because it prevents the woman from learning her lesson properly. The shock she experiences may help to bring her to tears quite rapidly. However, the tears that she cries as a result of shock will usually be quite short lived. Once the spanking stops, she will stop crying almost immediately. This is a sign that her spanking has not really had the desired emotional effect on her. It is a sign that her spanking has not really gotten through to her.

When a woman keeps crying for some time after the spanking stops, it is a highly positive sign. It shows that the woman has not only absorbed the pain and shame of her spanking, but that she has also absorbed the lesson of her punishment. It demonstrates that the message about her misbehavior has penetrated her mind and heart, leaving her deeply repentant for her disobedience, dishonesty or disrespect. When she knows that she has let herself down and/or let her HOH down, she is filled with a sense of shame and sorrow which will usually bring her to tears that will flow for a long time. This cannot happen if she is in a state of physical shock. If her spanking is too hard at the start and lacks a warm up, she will go straight into shock and the lesson that her HOH is trying to teach her will not be received properly. She will miss out on the true benefits of her punishment because she is simply not sufficiently emotionally present and aware of herself.

It is vital that the woman be spanked when her mind and heart are sufficiently receptive to the message that her HOH is attempting to communicate to her. It will often take some time before her heart and mind have been opened up enough to receive the message she needs to hear. She will often need to be spanked for a long time so that any resistance she may have to her HOH’s message will have been broken down. This resistance may be either mental or emotional – it does not matter which. The one thing that is certain is that putting her into a state of shock will impair her ability to absorb the message. It will damage her ability to learn her lesson.

If she is given a proper warm up and is spanked for a longer duration, she will not experience any significant shock and will benefit much more from her discipline or punishment. It is important to avoid causing major shock when disciplining a woman.


A little shock is perfectly fine, however. The spanking itself naturally causes a certain amount of shock. Each swat is sudden, painful and often noisy. It is normal that it produces a certain degree of shock in the woman. But this shock needs to be managed carefully, so that the woman’s emotional channels remain open to her HOH’s guidance and instruction. His scolding will not get through to her if she has retreated into a state of numbness and emotional shock. She needs to be kept humbled and crying, yet receptive to her HOH’s guidance and correction.

Shock is not the goal of discipline – positive change is.

The purpose of discipline is to modify a woman’s negative behavior so that she becomes more honest, obedient, respectful, feminine and submissive. The ultimate purpose of discipline is to teach her to become a more loving person, in every different way. As you can see, this is a very different goal from shock. Putting a woman into a state of shock will not be as effective in reaching the goals her HOH wants her to attain. Giving her a warm up and then punishing her with a long spanking will be much more effective.

Some women are more highly strung than others. Their HOH’s will need to take more care to begin their spankings more slowly than ones given to women with a more balanced emotional temperament. A nervous woman will need a longer warm up than a calmer woman, as a general rule. Over time, though, the nervous woman will gradually become calmer. When a nervous woman receives regular discipline, especially regular Maintenance Discipline, she will find herself feeling more grounded and calm. Her nervous disposition will be soothed quite effectively by frequent, regular and grounding Maintenance Discipline spankings. The Domestic Discipline lifestyle is excellent for helping to relax and calm a highly strung woman.

The real goals of a punishment spanking are several. Behavior modification is a primary goal. The HOH wants to change his woman’s heart and mind so that she behaves in a more positive way. He wants to teach her obedience by punishing her disobedience. He wants to teach her respect – for herself and for others. He wants to teach her honesty, a character trait which is important for her to learn as a woman. He wants her to experience the catharsis of tears – the emotional release that only a good cry can produce and only a good spanking can trigger. He wants to teach her to behave with love, not with selfishness or fear. He wants to give her a deep experience of her own femininity, via the disciplinary process.

The real goals of a Maintenance Discipline are also diverse.

In addition to the values described in the previous paragraph, a woman can also expect to feel the security of her HOH’s protection and care for her as a woman. His loving administration of a regular Maintenance Discipline spanking shows the woman that he is committed to her and to their relationship. He does not wash his hands of her and her problems. Instead, he takes an active, leadership role by administering regular maintenance spankings. Reminding her of his authority and his loving protection of her is a valuable part of the Maintenance Discipline experience for his woman.


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  1. Great post! It was interesting to read about your take on the shock of a spanking with no warm up. From what I have experienced, those hard, fast spankings with no warm up really only induce fear (at least in me) which is not the desired outcome. As you discussed in your article, when I am given a warm up spanking, I am more likely to get to a more submissive state and learn a lesson from the spanking.


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