Should a wife call her husband “Sir” in a spanking?

When a woman is about to be disciplined, she is often given specific verbal instructions by her man. He might say things to her such as, “Go upstairs, take off your clothes and stand in the corner of the room,” or “Bend over and grasp your knees, young lady,” or “It’s time for your maintenance spanking. Go and wait for me in the bedroom.”


She can decide what to do and say when he gives her instructions like these, but obviously the sensible thing to do is to obey him and to agree with his statement or instructions. The female who is about to be disciplined can simply say,”OK,” or “Yes,” or “Yes, John,” or “Yes, I’ll do that right away,” or something similar. Or she can address him in a way that is even more respectful towards him. She may wish to show more verbal respect to her Head of Household or HOH. After all, she has agreed to submit to his judgement when it comes to her negative behaviors and attitudes, and she has agreed that he will physically discipline her when he deems it to be appropriate. It would be absurd for her to speak to him in a disrespectful manner, especially when she is about to be disciplined.

Some women call their husband “Sir” in a disciplinary situation. A woman may do this so that her respect for her husband is made even more obvious and clear to him. She may also do it for her own benefit as a woman – because it helps her to submit to her spanking more obediently and because it puts her in the right frame of mind.

Calling the man “Sir” is not necessary for everyone who practices Loving Domestic Discipline. No one knows what percentage of women in Loving Domestic Discipline relationships use this term. Many women say it automatically without thinking about it. On the other hand, some couples would never dream of the woman using a word like “Sir” to address her man, even if she is receiving a punishment spanking that will leave her in tears and fully repentant. That is fine, because there are no rules about this. Loving Domestic Discipline agreements need to be negotiated and agreed on by both the man and the woman. If a couple agree that the woman should show some extra respect to the man when she is being spanked, then it is highly appropriate that she should call him, “Sir.” If a couple feels that language like this does not help their relationship or the disciplinary process, then there is no need to use any term like that. Some women find that the increased humility they feel (when they address their husband as “Sir”) is helpful and useful in a disciplinary situation. Others find that a bit of extra humility feels like a little too similar to humiliation, which some women find unbearable, although others accept it as part of the disciplinary process.


3 thoughts on “Should a wife call her husband “Sir” in a spanking?

  1. I tend to reference my HOH as Sir during my punishments and discipline, and it comes naturally. He usually calls me “wife” or woman, but never by my name or Ma’am. Because, as he’s told me, as a willing sub, my identity is absorbed by his. And, especially during punishment and maintenance, I am not in a position to receive the level of respect he is due as my HOH. I tend to call him Sir in public as well. Especially in church.


  2. I address my husband as Sir a lot even in front of other people. Sometimes I get funny looks but that’s their problem , not mine.


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