Testimonials of Loving Domestic Discipline

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If you are currently living (or have lived) the Christian Domestic Discipline lifestyle and you would like to share how it has helped your marriage or relationship, please email your story and mention that you wish to share your experiences with other people. Your testimonial will be added to this blog so that other people can benefit from and be inspired by your experiences with Christian Domestic Discipline.

These testimonials are arranged in reverse order, with the most recent one first.


Anonymous testimonial #2


I wanted to thank you so much for all of your articles. My husband was referred to your website awhile ago and presented me with this lifestyle. Since then our relationship has grown into the most beautiful and wonderful one that I could ever imagine. I am now 24 years old and my husband is 27. We have been together since I was 15. We were not married until I turned 19 though. We were (and still are) a very young couple and both of our families had faith in our relationship. We had many problems. Following this lifestyle that you have described has turned us around completely. I know have a tremendous amount of respect for my husband. In the beginning I would test him all the time to see if he was serious. I soon found out that he was.

I never forget the last time I tested him. It was about a year ago now. That day we were getting ready to spend the day with my parents. I woke up in a horrible mood and from the beginning I was very disrespectful to my husband. Before we left he decided he had had enough and took me to our room and spanked me. We left and started the long drive to my parents house and after about an hour I started again. He warned me many times and told me to stop or I would regret it. When we finally got to my parents, I figured I was safe so I started again. Only to find out that my husband has talked to my father about this lifestyle and has his blessing. I was sternly told by my husband to go to the bathroom because we needed to talk. I was terrified! When we got there he told me that he was fed up with the way I was behaving and I was going to be punished right then. He took off his belt, bent me over the counter, lifted up my skirt and proceeded to give me exactly what I deserved.

When he was done, he did not say one word. He just put his belt back on and left the room with the door open. I had to compose myself and return to where everyone else was knowing that they all knew what just happened. I was so embarrassed! Later my dad told me that he was glad I have a husband who keeps me in line and that I had better behave if I don’t want him to repeat it. After we got home, I received the worst spanking I have ever received to this day! I was also grounded for a month.

Needless to say, I have never tested my husband again. I still receive punishment spankings for things, but they are not very often anymore. My husband tells me all the time how proud he is of the woman I have become. I am pretty sure that we will continue this lifestyle for as long as we live because it has done wonders for our marriage.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


Susie’s testimonial


My name is Susie and my husband and I thought I should share with you what it is like for us to be involved in a Christian Domestic Discipline relationship.

First let me say that my husband and I have just recently found your site and think it is wonderful. We wish we had known of a site like this when we were starting out our marriage.

Let me start at the beginning. When I was growing up, it was not in a household that practiced Christian Domestic Discipline. My mother ruled the house and “henpecked” my father. My sister and brother continue to suffer as a result. Sis has been married 3 times already, and bro is still married, but is miserable as his wife treats him the same as mom treats dad. (Both know of the relationship my husband and I have, as we have talked with them about the joys of a CDD relationship.)

My life changed when I was 31. A friend of mine from work saw how down I was. I was moving from one bad relationship to another, so she invited me to a prayer group she went to. It was there that I met Christ and started down my path to happiness. I started going to their church and before long was a very active member. The one thing that surprised me was how happy all the married couples were. When I asked abut their secret, the answer was usually a giggle and, “You should take the class on preparing your self to be a Godly wife.” When I took the class that is where the concept of a CDD relationship came from. At first I couldn’t believe that women were advocating being spanked by their husbands and submitting fully to their authority. After a while I learned that this was really God’s plan for the household and wanted it for myself when I was married.

I met Ben, my husband, at a work function, and when I found out he was a Christian agreed to go out with him. We were soon an item and when marriage started to be a clear part of our future, I nervously brought up the subject of CDD. Ben at first thought I was joking, but when I took him to the scripture and showed him, and had my pastor sit him down and teach him about CDD, he saw the light, reluctantly, and agreed to be the HOH of our home.

At first Ben was not consistent, and didn’t spank me nearly hard enough. I cry easily and he stopped the second I started to cry. It got to the point that I would make myself cry almost as soon as he started to spank me and would get 3 swat spankings and a “I hope in the future you remember this.” I did cry as soon as possible.

One of our problems was that Ben wanted to go to his church, where they didn’t believe in CDD, so we had no support system, but my pastor told me that I had to be submissive and that God would work all out in the end.

Ben and I were miserable and the pastor at his church was no help, so we went to the pastor of my old church and he and his wife were very helpful in instructing us in proper CDD. The first thing we were told was a regularly scheduled spanking, and maintenance spanking, was needed, and it should be daily in the beginning. Ben and I agreed, but I wasn’t sure how effective it would be, as Ben wasn’t a good spanker. The second thing we were asked was for Ben to spank me in front of Pastor and his wife. I didn’t fancy them seeing my panties, but we agreed. Ben was instructed first to not spank me over my panties, but to spank me nude, and after about 2 swats I was crying enough to get Ben to stop. Pastor then took over and showed Ben that I wouldn’t break if I was spanked properly, and I got my first real spanking of my life. I was then put in the corner and Ben was instructed on how I should behave during corner time. It was then agreed upon that my Tuesday spanking would be given at our counseling session, so they could see Ben’s progress.

During this time my behavior, and our marriage improved through my daily spanking, but Ben was lacking in giving me spankings when I misbehaved, something I tearfully confessed during one of our meetings.

As time went on, Ben became stricter and stricter with me, and my maintenance spankings have decreased from once a day, which lasted for over 6 months, to the now twice a week, Wednesday evening before our prayer meeting, and Sunday evening before Sunday bible study. Ben also has no problem spanking me long after I start to cry. He waits not for the tears to start, but for a repenting, submissive cry, and spanks me even after this.

Our church is now my original church, and my bottom is now sore when ever it is needed to be. Sometimes Ben thinks I need to be spanked everyday, when I forget that I am supposed to be the submissive one. He will do it for 30 days at a time, but will give me another 30 right after the first if he thinks the first didn’t make me submissive enough, during my everyday spankings. I get two on Sunday, one in the morning before worship, and one in the evening before bible study. He thinks this makes me more submissive, and thus more available to learn from God’s word.

Our families, and some of our friends think we are nuts, me mostly, for living this way, but I can honestly say that the 10 years of our marriage I am most happy knowing that I can at any moment end up crying with a sore bottom over my husband’s lap. Ben is a very strict HOH, and I love him very much because of it.

Thank you


Anonymous testimonial #1


It’s been my observation, at least as I’ve observed it in my family, that my of the problems between my parents and between my sister and brother-in-law come when my mom and sister have pushed all of the wrong buttons. It’s as if my father’s and brother-in-law’s defensive shields go up and they tune out.

It’s strikes me as odd that I am in the kind of relationship that we are in and, to be honest, I get what I want most of the time just by asking. Most of the time, my husband is like, “Sure, baby. Whatever you want”. He has this idea that he loves to spoil me sometimes but will never have a spoiled wife.

Most men want their wives to be happy. They want to give. They just don’t want to be p**s*sy w**pp*d into it. Often, when we face tough decisions, I will offer input and SUGGESTIONS. Often, my HOH goes with my ideas. This, to me, is a strong leader. I mean, on Star Trek, Kirk listened to Spock all of the time, but Kirk was still the boss. Other times, my husband will listen, thank me for my input, but tell me that we are going to go with another answer. Sometimes, he will seek my input about rules or behavior standards. Other times, I will be simply told that there is a new rule or that I am forbidden to do something. Period.

The point is that whenever we are in a tough spot, I always emphasize that it’s whatever he decides and he knows that. I have always made a point of emphasizing how much I love and respect him for being our HOH and not falling into the trap that other men do. In, the language of our marriage, in referring to this lifestyle choice, I tell my husand that “I love being his baby”.

I have learned that he LOVES!! that. The stresses that can wreck marriages and the men/women Mars/Venus things just seems to go away. Maybe I shouldn’t do this, but sometimes I resist giving input when asked. Like when my HOH was contemplating experimenting with our maintenance schedule. He was seeking my input when I offered that this was his decision to make and I would just have to deal with it, and that he should just do what he thinks is best.

But through this, the emotional, physical, and mental connections between us are incredible, especially the physical. It seems like my husband’s leadership skills have developed so strongly. The truth is that I rarely disagree with household or DD decisions that he makes.



11 thoughts on “Testimonials of Loving Domestic Discipline

  1. I grew up in a home that practiced CDD, my mom was no stranger to dad’s strap that he kept on a hook is his study. My brothers were never spanked after the age of 13 but we girls were spanked by dad followed by an hour of corner time bare bottomed in the living room just like Mom until we got married. We did not get spanked very much nor did Mom because we knew better than disobey dad.

    When I got married my husband didn’t believe in spanking me and this allowed to me act out and disrespect him This went on for about a year but one-day I got home late from shopping long after I should have made dinner for my husband to find my dad waiting for me with a strap in his hand. Dad took off my slacks and panties and handed the strap to my husband. I got a terrible strapping, my behind was on fire when my husband put me in the corner. Then my dad and my husband had coffee while I stood in the corner and dad talked to my husband about being head of household. I wasn’t mad at my husband I knew I earned my punishment. We have now been happily married for over 30 years and I have learned how to obey my husband and do my chores

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  2. If every Pastor was like the one Susie writes about , the one who taught her husband how to be a good leader, there would be far fewer broken homes.


  3. I’m absolutely confused, from reading these “testimonials” and some of these comments I don’t know of you are serious. You cannot say you respect and love an adult when you treat them like a child and all these women who are letting their husbands hit them you can’t love yourself. It isn’t normal for another man to spank your naked body, your husband allowed this to happen I can’t believe that that’s true. And lastly the women whose fathers are not involved in these domestic discipline Lifestyles for your father to applaud your husband for laying his hands on you that’s not normal none of this is normal. I looked up the Bible scriptures that are used as examples those Bible scriptures are not saying for your husband to hit you its saying spare the rod and spoil the child, CHILD being the operative word not spare the rod and spoil your wife. Honestly I feel like I feel like these testimonials are written by perverts mostly old men who never had have been married or just absolutely disgusting men who are trying to make this normal I don’t think these are actually written by real people actually experiencing this mess because quite honestly I would hope if you were that much of a Christian, that much in a head of household relationship your husband would not be comfortable with you describing your sore, red bottom if so he is as much of a pervert as that Pastor was.


    • And it just baffles me that getting hit makes your marriage closer. I understand it from a sexual stand point but to say because it gets your husband’s frustration put and women need it so they release their emotions, that sounds like straight abuse. its the samething a guy who punched his wife in the face would say. Its because sje disrespected me. what happens if your HOH does something? Does he get a spanking too?


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