What Kind Of Behaviour Of The Wife Merits a Punishment Spanking?

This answer will be unique to each couple who practices domestic discipline, but there are some generalizations available. Most husbands will not tolerate lying, direct defiance, or a consistent sort of carelessness that could potentially either damage the relationship or allow someone to be injured. Beyond this, each couple has issues that are unique to their personalities, family situations, and religious convictions. In one family the wife’s swearing would be of no consequence; in other it would merit a spanking with no questions asked. For one husband, an occasional unrecorded check in the ledger would be no big deal; for another, it would mean a spanking every time.


We believe punishment spanking should be achieved in the following manner.

First, it should be administered as soon as possible after the offense is discovered or confessed.

The logistics of jobs or children make it impossible to carry out immediately on many occasions, but long delays are not ideal. One caveat: In the heat of anger is not the best time. The husband can be irritated: if he’s not at least a little upset, one has to wonder if what she did is “bad” enough to merit a real punishment, but true anger had better dissipate before he sets about inflicting pain on her. So “as soon as possible” means “as soon as possible after he’s cooled down.” Allowing some time to reflect that a spanking is coming is often a good thing.

Second, the young lady should be sent to wait for her spanking in a designated punishment location.

It is a good idea to have a location – such as a basement or garage or barn ­ that is used only for punishment but in many families that might not be possible. If the only location available is the bedroom, it’s a good idea to still have something that designates this as a punishment ­ a straight-backed chair that is never used any other time, for example.

  • How long she waits is very dependant on infraction and circumstances. On an occasion where time is short and the husband is irritated, she might find him barely a minute behind her. On another occasion, for example, if a check has bounced, the punishment might include balancing the checkbook before the spanking; this could take hours (or days!)
  • What she does while she waits is dependent on the infraction and personal preference, but it should be punishment-related. Watching TV or reading is pointless. Waiting bare-bottomed in the corner… writing that apology …balancing that checkbook …or just sitting quietly reflecting on why she’s there… all have their place.
  • A possible exception to these first two instructions might be the rare time when she’s caught unexpectedly actually in “mischief,” for example the bad habit that he’s tried patiently to break. In a home where the wife’s swearing is a problem, consider the following scenario. He’s outside (or so she thinks!); she’s inside washing dishes. A cup breaks and out pops one of the forbidden words that he just happens to overhear. If there are no children around, probably the most effective thing he can do is pull out one of the kitchen chairs, get out a wooden spoon or rubber spatula, bare her butt, and spank hard right there and right then until she’s squirming and begging. Then after a short discussion on the evils of four letter words and some more spanking, she’s sent directly back to washing the dishes, now with a sore and stinging butt. Although most punishment spankings will not be so direct or simple, there is a place for this occasionally.

Third, the disciplinarian will arrive and discussion will begin.

Again, methods will diverge here, and will probably vary dramatically even within one couple, depending on circumstance. At times, a much longer scolding/discussion will ensue. An apology might be read and discussed; the newly-balanced checkbook reviewed and (hopefully!) approved. In general, though, discussion during this phase should focus more on what the behavior was and why; the future will be discussed later. At other times, where the misdeed is clear-cut and acknowledged (and does not involve a real “character” flaw), a briefer and more direct approach can be used. “Why are we here, young lady?” “Because I swore at you,” “Fine, get your butt over here.” In this instance, there’s little more to say.

Fourth, implements will be selected.

This is another point at which the “ritual” will vary depending on the couple and the infraction. For us, virtually every decision about a punishment spanking is made by he. Where, when, with what… all are his choices. He might decide to use a switch, and I would be sent to select and prepare it, but other than that he makes all the decisions. For another couple, it might be appropriate for the wife to select several implements that will be used. Still other couples might have only one implement ­ a special paddle for example ­ that is always used for punishment.


We digress here to deal with a side issue ­ the non-penitent young lady. First, we believe that adult spanking must be consensual in the sense that the female in the relationship has fully and freely consented to the use of corporal punishment and has acknowledged that ultimately when and how it is used is her partner’s decision. This does not mean that she will consent immediately and with total submission to every spanking. However, a couple in which a kicking, struggling, screaming female must be dragged off to a beating is not in the right mind-set to be using c.p. at all. This is not domestic discipline; it’s abuse. When I use the term non-penitent, I mean rather an unsubmissive young lady who has gone to wait for a spanking but is still pouty, sullen, and/or mentally resistant. Possibly she has needed the help of a few hard swats, and a “Move it, young lady” to get her there at all. Or we may be discussing a young lady who has glibly ignored a clear instruction to go wait for her spanking.

How is this dealt with?

In our opinion, this is defiance and a lack of submission that is an offense completely separate from whatever the “real” offense was in the first place, and this must be dealt with separately. If a couple is truly committed to DD in its purest (and at times, its most challenging form) the husband must realize that on occasion the young lady will require initial “correction” to resolve the defiance before the spanking for the offense itself can commence. If he is certain in his own mind that he is correct, he must have the wherewithal to spank her to the “proper sense of regret,” before the “true” punishment can begin. On the hopefully rare occasions that this sort of spanking is necessary (if it’s necessary too often, the couple needs to examine their commitment to DD in general) it’s likely to be a session more stressful and serious than the ultimate punishment spanking will be.

Fourth, the spanking will commence.

he will generally spank me over his knee, though occasionally I will be instructed to bend over the bed, or place my hands on a chair seat. I will be required to bare myself to the panty stage (i.e., pull up my own skirt, pull down my pants) but he pulls the panties down. Why? No reason other than personal preference. Some disciplinarians might prefer to begin the spanking through panties, but we feel that punishment spanking should be as simple and direct as possible; this means bare bottom from beginning to end. I then am required to cooperatively get into position.

Whenever I am receiving a real punishment spanking, I am always asked right before the spanking begins

a) why I am getting the spanking, and
b) if I know any reason why I shouldn’t get the spanking.

Once these questions have been answered to he’s satisfaction, he will begin spanking, usually with his hand. I am spanked hard and fast, with no breaks, until I am really begging and squirming. Sometimes, if he thinks he’s not making enough of an impression, he will begin using a paddle or the bathbrush at some point here. But whatever implement is or is not used, this phase of the spanking does not stop until I am close to “losing it.” How long this is, how hard he needs to spank to get me to this point, though depends on many factors, including how sorry I was before he started and what time of the month it is. (Another article on the site – Barb’s Bad Day by Josh contains an excellent description of the stages of a punishment spanking.)

At this point, he will stop spanking for a while, and we “talk” about what I’ve done, why I’m there, and why I believe it won’t happen again in the future. Depending on infraction, (telling a lie, for example, being MUCH worse than “sass”) a “phase two” will begin. For a minor infraction, again such as a fresh mouth, he might lecture briefly, then pick up the implement and give me a second, very hard spanking (without ever letting me off his lap) until I am pleading, and begging, and promising desperately and until my backside is at least very bright red and showing the signs of at least a few marks. For a more serious infraction, like a fib to someone else, I might be put in the corner for 5-10 minutes, then get the second spanking. For a really serious infraction, like a lie to him, after the second spanking, I would probably have a second break, during which I would write an essay about why I KNOW this will never happen again, and then go back over his knee again, for a third spanking with (most likely) a cane or switch, our most severe implements. On one occasion I was sent to cut the switch that was to be used during the third spanking after the second.

he finds that this method of “breaks” and then spanking again on an already tender bottom is the most effective way to inflict a fair amount of “discomfort” (he’s euphemism ­ reminds me a little of childbirth classes!) without leaving excessive bruising or marks.

Fifth, the spanking is over.

he and I generally cuddle ­ but do not have sex ­ after a punishment spanking. I am typically too sore to want to sit on his lap, and will kneel on the floor next to his legs and cry for awhile, while he strokes my hair and talks to me. I almost never cry during a real spanking, but will cry afterwards. Other couples choose to maintain the punishment through a further correction, such as sending her to bed with a hot bottom and no comforting. It’s a personal choice.


22 thoughts on “What Kind Of Behaviour Of The Wife Merits a Punishment Spanking?

  1. Sadly, my time keeping is appalling. Ever since, I was a girl. Most of my Strappings, are the result of my tardiness. I’m always flogged, after bedtime prayers. In the spare bedroom. I’m not allowed to go to bed, until I’ve oiled the Tawse. So it’s prepared, for the next time. Only when I’ve replaced it, in the drawer. Am I given permission to go to bed.


  2. I’m in a relationship now with someone who spanks me for disrespectful behavior. I didn’t think I’d enjoy the experience, but now there’s an excitement when he tells me I have earned a spanking. He has a leather strap on the wall that hangs in our bathroom where I can see it. When he tells me to get the the strap, I have this feeling of both fear and an amazing sense of love and security. He beats me on my bottom and legs, then has me hang the strap afterwards. By then, I am usually in tears, but not so much for the pain, but the incredible sense of love and remorse I have. He really seems to enjoy rubbing my sore bottom he remainder of the day. When I flinch, or ask him for a little mercy, sometimes he’ll smile and give my bottom a hard slap or knead a cheek or my breast hard. The pain is awful, but the sense of surrender to my dominant partner is such a rush.


  3. One thing my husband won’t stand for is lying and being dishonest. I remember one time my daughter begged me to call into the school to say she was sick because she didn’t study for a test her history teacher was giving that day. She begged me so much I agreed to call the school, but she had to promise to spend the day studying. She said yes but the whole thing was a lie. She knew I was going to be out all day on a church fundraiser and she and her boyfriend hatched this whole thing to spend the day together. For some reason the school called my husband to make sure she wasn’t just bunking. I think it was because she had a lot of time absent and they couldn’t get a hold of me. My husband left work to see what was going on and found her and her boyfriend in the house. He was really mad. When I came home my daughter was in the living room and I could see that she had got a bad strapping from the marks on her behind. I knew I was going to be in trouble too. I knew lying would only make it worst, so I confessed what I did. My husband told me to go get the strap which is always on a hook in the library, I knew I was in for it. Off came my jeans and panties and I got at least 30 bent over the sofa end. Then he made me join my daughter in the corner. We had to stay in the corner till dinner and then we were sent to bed without supper, our other daughter and her brother made dinner that night while we did our corner time. I learned my lesson and our daughter never bunked again.

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      • Only my husband is allowed to punish our daughters but if I tell Ben they have been bad then he gives then the strap , no questions asked, if I say they need to be punished they have no say in what happens. But Ben spanks so hard I never want to tell him they have done something wrong and this has gotten me the strap on more than one time. When this happens my daughter and me get the strap together and do our corner time together. . Ben says our daughters aren’t going to get out of a beating because I am trying to protect them. When this bunking happened my daughter got a very hard spanking, her behind was very black and blue. Ben was mad because she not only bunked school but was with her boyfriend alone in the house. The next day Ben had a long talk with her boyfriend, he told him that what he did caused me and my daughter to get a beating and that was partly his fault. Her boyfriend promised to never do anything like this again and he never has. Her boyfriend apologized to me later but I told him I deserved to get punished because what I did was a defiance of my husband and dishonest. He seemed to understand this, he told me that he hoped I was never defiant again to Ben, he understood that was wrong. I told him that I try real hard to be obedient and submissive but sometimes I just mess up.


  4. I got huge ladyboner reading this article . I love it when my husbands pounds my G spot in between the spankings ,too.

    Praise Jesus !!


  5. Yea don’t understand why they spank the private area?Bottom YES good and red and top of thigh is ok but the rest ??


  6. I would think that lying, excessive spending , wearing clothing that shows too much. Things along those lines could earn a spanking.


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