Why women should be grateful for being spanked

One of the most important aspects of Loving Domestic Discipline is the expression of gratitude. Both the man and the woman should regularly express their appreciation of each other, of course, because this helps their relationship greatly. But it is also very important for the woman to thank her HOH (Head of Household) for disciplining her. Yes, she should thank him for spanking her.


Why should a woman be grateful for being spanked?

After all, it is a pretty unpleasant experience for her which will often end in tears – not the kind of thing that you usually thank someone for.

Well, firstly, she should thank him simply because he has done something for her and it is appropriate that she show her gratitude. After all, she is the primary beneficiary of the spanking, meaning that she is the main person to benefit from the spanking. She will learn better behavior, she will become a better person as a result of it. So it makes sense that she should be grateful for it.

Secondly, she should thank him because she should practice politeness in her relationship with him. It may be that her disrespect for him is the original cause of her spanking, so it is all the more reason why she should behave politely to him afterwards.

Thirdly, she should thank him for her spanking because it is a demonstration that she has learned her lesson.

She is disciplined for a reason – because her behavior has been unacceptable. The spanking is designed to teach her to modify her behavior so that she does not repeat it again. If she just walks away after the discipline, it seems to imply that she still has an attitude of resentment about the whole thing. Taking the trouble to thank her HOH for her spanking shows him that she has learned her lesson and that the discipline has been effective. The fourth reason why she should thank him for spanking her is because his job as HOH is not an easy one.

It is not an easy task to punish the woman you love. It is not an easy task to spank her bottom hard until she cries. It is not an easy task to scold her for her misbehavior. Most men would rather be doing something else than disciplining their wives. Making love, eating, watching TV, playing sports are all more appealing to the average man than wrestling his disobedient wife over his lap and giving her a good spanking. Even men who can see what benefits Loving Domestic Discipline brings to their marriages would often rather be doing something else.

Because disciplining a woman is a tiring and stressful activity for a man. It requires physical effort and strong self-discipline so that she is not spanked too much or too little. Many women complain that their husbands are not consistent enough in enforcing the rules with them, that these women are let off the hook when really they should be soundly spanked.

One way to reduce this lack of consistency is for the woman to properly thank her HOH after he has disciplined her, so that he realizes that she is grateful for his efforts. Her thanks tell him that she appreciates his strictness in keeping her behavior to a high standard, for helping her to be the best person she can be. Her thanks tell him that she recognizes his work to enforce her limits and to maintain domestic harmony in their relationship. If more men were thanked after a Loving Domestic Discipline session, there would be fewer problems with inconsistency when it comes to maintaining and enforcing rules in the home.

What should a woman thank her HOH for, exactly?

Should she just say, “Thanks” through gritted teeth before stumbling morosely off into another room? Obviously that does not sound like a recipe for domestic harmony. She should think about what she actually wants to thank him for or needs to thank him for. Firstly, she should thank him for disciplining her. As mentioned previously, disciplining is a tiring and physical job which can be made even more tiring if the woman struggles a lot or attempts to cover her bottom with her hands.

Of course, Disobedience Discipline is designed to correct this problem, but that is a further expenditure of effort to enforce. So it is appropriate that the woman should thank her HOH for the physical effort he has taken to spank her. Another reason for her to thank him is for his self-discipline in spanking her. He firstly has had to steel himself to do an unpleasant task – that of spanking her. He has had to make sure that he has not spanked her so hard that he has bruised her, but he has had to spank her enough to hopefully bring her to tears. He has had to ignore the fact that he loves her and hates to see her unhappy, yet he has had to spank her until she cried. Against his own natural desires, he has had to make her unhappy himself. That surely deserves some kind of thanks.

He has helped her to overcome her negative behavior that was the reason she was spanked in the first place. This gets back to the original meaning of discipline, which is teaching or education. He has taught her a lesson so that now she knows something that she didn’t know before she was spanked. In fact, he has given her something – the gift of learning. She has learned a lesson, thanks to him. Although it has been a painful lesson, it has probably saved her from learning a much more painful lesson at the hands of life. She could learn the lesson outside the home, but it would probably be much harsher and more permanent. If she is spanked for driving carelessly or badly, think how much worse her lesson would be if she killed an innocent person because she was driving too fast. A spanking is mild by comparison. If she is spanked for being rude to her HOH, it is a much easier lesson than losing her job for being rude to her boss.

She should thank her HOH for bringing her to tears, if she has cried during or after her spanking. It takes a certain amount of patience, commitment and determination to successfully bring a woman to tears during a spanking, as many spanked women already know. As discussed in the article “Tears,” it is very important to make a woman cry when she is being spanked because it helps the disciplinary process so much. So it is fitting that she express her gratitude to him if she has been brought to tears as part of her discipline.

Part of being brought to tears is the incredible emotional release that it gives the woman. This is often described as “stress relief” because it releases many built-up stresses inside her, some of which may be responsible for her misbehavior in the first place. So not only does crying help the disciplinary process, but the release of stress that accompanies her tears is also a valuable benefit. She should thank her HOH for this relief of stress as a result of the spanking too.

One thing that many women find profoundly beneficial about Loving Domestic Discipline is that the spanking helps them to feel that their guilt has been washed away by their punishment. Without the emotional intensity of a spanking, guilt can linger and remain almost indefinitely. The sound and fury of a spanking and the tears that accompany it all tend to clear away any residual guilt that she may hold as a result of her own misbehavior. Her spanking is also a gift because it removes her guilt. This is something that she should be grateful to her HOH for. Along with this removal of guilt is an associated feeling of having the slate wiped clean – her misdemeanours have been corrected, her dues have been paid and her punishment has been inflicted on her. She has nothing else to answer for. Her debts have all been paid. Some women might wish that their credit card companies were as easily appeased as their HOH!



20 thoughts on “Why women should be grateful for being spanked

  1. He is my intermediary between myself and a Holy God. The article points out that he chooses to lead me, and that he has a choice to lovingly, guide me or leaving me for my behavior. He chooses everyday to remind me of my natural subordination, to Him, to God, and to our church leaders . The pain he inflicts, the other ways he corrects me, all lead me back to my place in the hierarchy. I am grateful for every one of the spanks, everyone of the slaps and every time he kneads my breasts ( which he often does in His car between proper whippings.)


  2. I never really thought about being grateful that my husband is very strict and will give me terrible whippings when I mess up. But I think I really am. It’s strange I admit, God seems to give women a special heart of submission and humility if we listen to our heart. I grew up in a very Christian home. my dad wasn’t hesitate to lay on the strap if I or my mom or sisters broke the rules of the house. One of us girls or mom standing in the corner with a very red behind on display was never a surprising sight as we grew up. We all had our chores as we got older, we were required to help Mom with the housework and cooking, we had a big family, I have three sisters, and two brothers. The girls helped Mom do chores the boys helped dad do the things dads do. I was seventeen when I got married and my husband didn’t believe in spankings. For the first time in my life I didn’t have any consequences for what I did. And I took full advantage of this new freedom. Well it took a year of marriage, but my husband figured out that I needed consequences, or I would be impossible. When I got married my husband didn’t believe in spanking me, but was very old fashion, my place was in the house and homemaking was job. He was lucky because I was brought up to be really good at homemaking, I pride myself on being an excellent housekeeper. We have seven children, now only four still live at home, our youngest two sons and two daughters. The older boy is in college, the two youngest girls still is middle school. My husband runs his house with very strict rules. I have a nine o’clock Bedtime just like the girls and younger son. This is because I was giving my husband problems getting up if I went to bed late. I have been getting weekly reminder spanking for about seven years now. For me Saturday night is bath night, I have to be in the tub by eight and before I can leave my bath I get a spanking with the strap, then I go to bed. I just get a few licks, just enough to remind me what I will get if I am disobedient. It doesn’t matter if we have company either, at eight I am in my bath and I get my reminder spanking and then get put to bed. I say my prayers every night before bed then my husband tucks me in. I have to keep a spotless house; my husband won’t tolerate a dirty house, but the girls get chores to help me out. But only I am held accountable for how well the housework is done. Last week my husband found the upstairs bathroom very dirty and I got a strapping after dinner and over an hour corner time in the usual place. My daughters felt bad because they were supposed to clean the bathroom. My husband said it is my job to see they did their chores, so I was the one who got punished and I was the one in the living room with my no pants or panties on with my nose touching the wall. . My husband is very strict, but he was right, I didn’t do what I supposed to do. Anyway, I really think I need to be held accountable, and I know my husband only gives me punishment spankings when I deserve it. So, I guess I am grateful he is so strict with me. He gives really terrible spankings. I am begging him to stop and making every promise I can think of when he is laying on the strap, I sometimes worry the neighbors can hear me getting strapped and can hear my begging and crying, but of course they can’t. Thank you for letting me realize I am actually grateful for a such a strict but very fair husband.

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  4. I am feeling grateful for a spanking but it’s not because I got spanked. Our pastor’s wife really went over the line last night. Ben invited the Pastor and his wife over for dinner and a movie last night. There were seven of us, our two daughters and son who still live at home, they didn’t out which is unusual for Friday night.
    I mentioned here how the Pastor’s wife is always mean to me and how I get in trouble when we argue. I am not supposed to do that, but sometimes I can’t help it. Well she was in some mood when they came over, I don’t know why. At dinner she began making sarcastic remarks about my cooking, and I am a really good cook. So, I was biting my tongue. But then she started to say things about Ben and finally after a while the Pastor just lost it. He grabbed her by the ear and asked if he could borrow my Husband’s library. Ben said sure and feel free to use the strap hanging on the wall. Ben wasn’t mad at all, he seemed to think the whole thing was funny. It wasn’t very long before we all heard her getting a really serious spanking. She was begging him to stop , promising to be a good girl and she didn’t care who heard her. Ben just told us all mind our business and don’t let the food get cold. I guess about after ten minutes the pastor came back and all he said was that his wife would not be joining us for the rest of dinner, Ben just nodded and asked him if he wanted his plate warmed. The pastor said it was fine. After dinner Ben the Pastor and our son went into the living to do men talk and my daughters and I cleaned up and did the dishes, (we put everything in the dishwasher) Well I couldn’t resist, and the library door was cracked open, so I went in to see what was going on with the Pastor’s wife. Nobody said I couldn’t. She was standing in the corner completely nude and her behind looked pretty bad, the pastor gave it to her good. She started to cry when I went in, but she didn’t move out of the corner or say anything. I almost felt bad for her, well not that much. Ben must have heard me go into the library because he came into the library and gave me the look, every wife knows the look. But he just said to me, you know you shouldn’t be in here, I just nodded. He gave a hard swat on my behind and shooed me out. He followed and closed the library door all the way closed. She stayed in there until just before my bedtime at nine while we watched a movie, Ben and the Pastor acted as if nothing had happened at all. She came out dressed again before she left, and she apologized to me and Ben. That’s not something she does a lot I can tell you. It was a wild night and Ben never said a word about me going into the library. I have to say, I don’t think the Pastor’s wife was very grateful for the beating she got. Ben gave me permission to post this.


  5. Just to follow up. The Pastor’s wife was really different in church, she wasn’t acting so high and mighty. The pastor made her sit with us during the service and I think she was embarrassed we all heard her getting a spanking, her face kept getting red, but she was very quite after the service at coffee time. She did seem to squirm on the seat , I bet she got a reminder before church , Ben sternly told her to seat still and she did.


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