Do you really believe this Feminism thing?

Do they really believe this stuff???
Today while watching the Ellen show, my son and I heard Judge Judy say something along the lines of “…it makes me even madder when women do stupid things because we’re supposed to be smarter…” Of course, Ellen wholeheartedly agreed.

I asked my twenty-year old son, “Does that bother you?”

He shrugged. “Nah. I know it’s not true, so I just ignore it.”

But it bothered me. As the mother of two sons and a daughter, it bothers me. I think women are actually starting to believe this stuff. Young girls today (as well as older women) think they’re not only smarter than men, but they’re stronger as well.

A few weeks ago on Yahoo answers, a question was asked, “In a hand fight between a man and a woman, who would win?” Underneath, at least 75% of women had answered the woman would win. I was flabbergasted! In a regular hand fight between a man and a woman, the women think they would win? What world are they living in? Hollywood?

Come on, Girls. Men are still bigger than you. They are still stronger than you. You MIGHT have a chance if he is a small man and you are a big woman or he is out of shape and you have a third degree black belt, but in a NORMAL fight between a man and a woman IF the man will actually give it his full strength, the woman has little chance of winning. Sorry, but that is the facts. Men are created stronger.

As far as intelligence goes, it’s ridiculous to make a statement that women are smarter than men. In certain ways, women might have an advantage. In other ways, men may have an advantage. As far as making rational decisions and being less prone to deception, I think the men win hands down. Even the Bible refers to women being more easily deceived.

Women need to get off their high horse and remember who they are. We have our own strengths and our own worth. We do not need to try to be superior to men to prove our worth. Our worth is in that we were created by God to fill a special role. We should fill that role and act like women.

Not like that:


9 thoughts on “Do you really believe this Feminism thing?

  1. I think it’s sinful for women t think she is equal to a man. Anyone who reads the Bible knows God made women to be serve their husbands who God puts over us and who have complete authority over us. I don’t mean to be disrespectful, but Judge Judy could use a strong man who would make sure she has trouble sitting down for a while. There are just too many women who don’t know their place.

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  2. I agree with you. I was the third girl and the youngest in my family. I was the tom boy for my dad and could work circles around most men. That being said, I have always believed there are certain things that women shouldn’t do. We have been in this lifestyle for a little over a year and finding my feminine side sometimes difficult to find but learning to embrace it..


  3. My Mom and Dad raised me and my sisters to be good Christian women who are obedient and know their place. Dad held us accountable with his strap if we needed it. We all had to learn how to be excellent cooks and good keepers of the house. My Mom is a really good housekeeper and cook and she is respectful to all the head of households that are friends with her and dad,. Dad would never allow Mom or us to ever sass any man, this even meant our brothers when they became men.


  4. I ran my own moving business for twenty years — frequently the customer would help us.

    The men usually did alright — it’s not really all that hard. However, I can recall ONE woman I would have employed as a helper.

    First off, they’re only maybe 75% the size of men. Second, they’re weaker proportionately as well. That takes them to maybe half as strong — if they had the same attitude.

    And of course they don’t have the same attitude. If you’re a woman, it’s quite alright if you can’t pick something up, or if you’re tired now. So at the end of the day? When it comes to slugging boxes or heaving a washing machine up a flight of stairs, a woman is worth about a fourth of a man, on average.

    That’s not good or bad. It’s just the way it is.


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