Spanking and the Single Girl

For those unfamiliar with quasi-feminist literature, the title is a twist on Helen Gurley Brown’s 1962 best-selling Sex and the Single Girl.

Written a few years before she became editor-in-chief at Cosmopolitan – and after fatherless writer Helen Gurley married producer David Brown – the loosely based autobiographical guide to “love, sex, and money” became a license to fornicate. Despite being considered quite antiquated by today’s risqué standards, Brown’s “Cosmo Girl” prototype helped set the stage for the second wave for the disastrous second wave of feminism.

Move Helen Gurley Brown’s sexually active single girl ahead a few decades and the result is Sex and the City. Not revealed in the television series is the emotionally hollow shell that comes from the cheapened lifestyle.

Unfortunately, as the Mia Farrow, Woody Allen, and Soon-Yi Previn triangle clearly demonstrates, sex outside the bounds of real and workable marriages can lead to some curious complications.

Other social byproducts include an explosion in out of wedlock births and rampant potentially deadly venereal diseases.

Western society got off track when it decided to simultaneously prolong adolescences for women and undermine the traditional families that stood in the way of that prolonged adolescence. Brizilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen’s “no one is a virgin when they get married…show me someone who’s a virgin” comment superficially addresses moral dilemma created by these prolonged adolescences.

On paper, allowing women more free time to acquire additional education – while, at the same time, delaying marriage – was quite laudable. After all, despite the relative success of Loretta Lynn in keeping things together, marrying thirteen-year-old virgins are problematic because girls do not fully develop emotional maturity before their early to mid-twenties.

Hidden in plain sight was the unstated agenda to create a totally egalitarian society – even a platonic society in the broadest sense of the phrase – in which men and women reigned as co-equals. Only, the results were more plutonic than platonic!

The problem with the new social paradigm was that the sudden shift flew in the face of at least four – and perhaps as much as forty – thousand years of human practice! It also constituted a rather naive effort to *repeal the laws of biology* as well as the established social order.

The failed attempt at equality created a *black hole* into which too many girls fell.

That *black hole* was the absence of an effective discipline methodology for girls with prolonged adolescences. In a cruel irony, girls with an undeveloped capacity to see the long term natural consequences for their actions were told that self-discipline was all they needed.

Meanwhile, as a politically correct society was trying to reprogram them, thousands of years of genetic inheritance was telling these girls that, not only were they not *too old* to spank, there were simply those times when they needed to be spanked!

Historians will record double-barreled shift as one of the dumber – if not altogether incredibly self-destructive – moves ever made by a civilization. It is one reason that many societies around the world are currently so hostile to American ideas. Many of the more ancient cultures can read the handwriting on the wall to which Americans are so oblivious.

Despite extensive brainwashing, mentally, spiritually, physically, girls in high school and college continued to do what girls in their teens had always done. They hooked up with guys and let nature take its course.

Any need for the once common sense advice on how to help *teenagers date responsibly* from the American Counseling Association would be minimal without the feminist attempt to reengineer society.

More profound difficulties developed when – despite the proliferation of birth control from first wave feminism – *doing what comes naturally* sometimes made babies without a relevant support mechanism. This created far too many *children of Murphy Brown* – children raised by single mothers and beset with profound psychological difficulties – with whom society is still trying to deal.

Recent data analysis from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health showing no psychological harm for girls having sex in their late teens should surprise no one. After all, this is precisely what has been going on for eons.

The difference is that girls today are more promiscuous than in previous generations because their adolescence has been extended and any expectation for commitment has been excluded. That really is why call for abstinence during a prolonged adolescence failed so miserably.

With the undermining of traditional families, there was no support mechanism. Since part of the feminist strategy was to kick men out of the home at the first hint of domestic difficulties, fathers were no longer around to protect – and sometimes discipline – their daughters. Marriage was no longer an expectation – or, in time, even desirable for young women.

Consequently, in time, there were a lot of thirty-somethings running around as if they were promiscuous teenagers!

That really is the story of Sex and the City – teenage minds in adult bodies. Like all teenagers, they love the moment but are ambivalent about any commitment beyond instant gratification.

Over time, generally one of two things will happen to a girl with loose morals. She will either become rock hard and stone cold, or she will become overwhelmed with guilt and desperately seek relief.

Hardened hearts are for God; man can handle a woman’s guilt. It is one of the reasons why women are still attracted to men they know will spank.

Among its other uses, *hitting* a female on presented and bared buttocks hard enough to *make her cry* is the most common purging technique used by mankind to separate a woman from her guilt. Although often embarrassing for younger women – usually because they told by politically correct ideology that they are *too old to spank* – it is, nonetheless, so effective as to be known as *expelling the demons*!

Like sex – what used to be known as *love and marriage* – spanking the product of a familial framework. Consequently, as with sex, it is best practiced within that context.

The weakening of modern families leads to a proverbial Catch-22 in the post-modern world. The family structure needed to guide women through a de facto prolonged adolescences is not there because it was a threat to extending childhood for women so that they might acquire more formal education and delay marriage.

How society will deal with the problems it created when it decided to prolong adolescences for women and weaken the social building blocks of traditional families needed to support them has yet to be resolved. Tragically, a likely scenario is that the society has been so destabilized by the duality, once the need for the cheap labor provided by *liberated* women falls below some unanticipated level, the natural consequence may be a collapse before any significant rethinking occurs.

Although it may seem like the end of the world for women told the world was their oyster if they would only crack the shell of traditional expectation to collect the peal inside, it will prove to be little more than the natural consequence for societies that have gotten out of touch with reality.


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