Welcome To Christian Domestic Discipline

Come on in and make yourself at home! We’re talking about our marriages, our hopes and dreams, our trials and our triumphs, sharing stories and advice about living with our husbands as heads of our households.

About Us

• This site is run by a small group of women who are involved in traditional “domestic discipline” relationships.
• Although we are all “Christian,” we attend different churches and practice our faiths differently.
• While “domestic discipline” can be practiced with a female dominant partner, or in homosexual relationships, for the purposes of this website, we are referring to only commited heterosexual couples in which the male partner takes the role of leadership.
• We believe that many couples have questions about this lifestyle and would like to explore it in a safe, sane environment, free of explicit pictures, inappropriate language, and/or stories and discussions which go against traditional values. This is our mission.



Domestic Discipline Vs. Spanking

• Domestic discipline is not spanking. A domestic discpline relationship begins when a couple decides that one partner will maintain a leadership role. For us, this means a married couple with the husband in that role. We also believe that DD means that the “head” will utlize discipline when necessary. What form that discipline will take is determined by each couple. Most couples who use domestic discipline will include spanking, but some do not.
• At this website, we believe that the Bible neither requires OR forbids corporal correction of wives. Numerous Bible passages, however, refer to wifely submission, and in an historical context it is logical to assume that everyone would have understood that occasionally this submission might be reinforced with corporal punishment.

What You’ll Find On This Website

• You’ll find a supportive community of like-minded women and men who have also chosen to explore a traditional marriage dynamic that is out of the mainstream.
• You’ll find respect and tolerance for a range of ideas and interpretations of the lifestyle within the basic parameters of Christian wifely submission.
• You’ll find frank discussions on this lifestyle, intended for married women and their husbands, through an advice column, articles, book reviews, and wholesome fiction.

What You Won’t Find On This Website

• You won’t find the concept that God mandates or requires this lifestyle.
• You won’t find explicit or lengthy discussions concerning the spanking of children. It is the reality that in most traditional families, children are occasionally spanked. While this is well understood, discussion of this is not the purpose of this website.
• You won’t find four letter words or profanity, written materials which violate core “traditional” values, or explicit photographs or pictures. When links to other websites are included, those websites that may not be for everyone will be clearly identified as such.
• You won’t find discussions, arguments, or debates about theology or doctrines that have nothing to do with our core mission, which is assisting couples who want to explore tradtional Christian marriage and domestic discipline.