How to explain Domestic Discipline to a young woman

Too many young women think that self-discipline is all they need in life.

The truth is that self-discipline or prevention is only one part of the personal equation. External discipline or correction is another. Neither works particularly well totally exclusive of the other. This can be especially true when it comes to marriage.

While it takes two to marry, the marriage itself takes on a life of its own. This is particularly true if there are children.

Sometimes, discipline is not so much what either the husband or the wife want as what is good for *them* and their marriage together. This third dimension can be quite difficult for a twenty-something to understand if she has been the focus of attention in a self-absorbed child-centered environment where only *her* needs, *her* wants, and *her* desires counted in *her* life.

Other than providing a temporary source of cheap labor, liberation of the *liberated* Western woman has been good for only one thing. Thanks to a unique combination of abortion, birth control, and truly atrocious parenting skills, it is breeding the species out of the human gene pool.

While patriarchal religion is frequently blamed for the subjugation of women, the real culprit is Darwinian biology. Those who do not breed – and raise children willing and able to breed – disappear forever.

To use popular scenarios of the day, it does not take a random asteroid strike or unleashed pandemic to wipe out a population. Give an otherwise run of the mill female an exaggerated sense of entitlement, and she is perfectly capable of doing it on her own.

History will record that curious species know as the *liberated* Western woman did little more than *agitate, agitate, agitate* herself into oblivion as she became her own worst enemy.


3 thoughts on “How to explain Domestic Discipline to a young woman

  1. Jane’s Husband Here

    In my opinion if a young women is raised properly she will go into a marriage understanding what marriage is really about and she will be accepting of her husband’s authority over her. Having grown in a home where her mother is obedient and doesn’t question her father’s authority she will internalize her expected behavior as a wife and she will not generally question her husband’s authority to correct her when he feels it is needed anymore than she questioned her father’s authority to punish her when she was disobedient. I think Husbands must be fairly strict early in the marriage because it’s natural that a young wife will test limits and feel she should have more freedom, now that she is an adult. But a Husband must also be fair and understanding. Even for young women who grew up in Christian home where Biblical marital roles were adhered to and she received training in proper homemaking , the transition from daughter to wife has a learning curve. She may not be the perfect homemaker , she may not at first meet the standards her husband expects of her. She may need time to learn how to meet these standards. Her husband should only punish her for willful disregard or failing to meet a standard expected of her more than once. On the other side of the coin, and this I think is more common , a young husband may be too reluctant to discipline her properly when she deserves it. This does her no favors, it will only allow things to get to a worst place. Being a strict husband is not the same as not being a loving Husband.


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